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Classroom Procedures

No description

Kelly Meyering

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures

Entering & Exiting the Classroom
Enter quietly and politely; remove your hat if you're wearing one; don't interrupt other students; follow the procedures listed for you on the smartboard.
Turn in homework into the proper bin
Put away your backpack, lunch, and coat;
Lining Up
Stand up quietly
Push in your chair
Take all necessary items
Line up in alphabetical order without touching others or talking
Face the front
Stay in SOARING position
Watch where you are going.
Leaving the Room
Tell me where you are going
Take the correct hall pass
Do not run or play in the hallways or restrooms.
Classroom Procedures
Ending the Day
Clean off your desk.
Pick up any trash.
Get your notebook signed.
Gather all homework and put inside of backpack.
Stack your chair.
Wait quietly to be dismissed.
RESTROOM PROCEDURES- – If I am not teaching the whole group, raise your hand and ask; if I say "no," wait for a better class time to go; if I nod, leave the room quietly; do not play in the restroom; return to class before two minutes have passed (promptly).

You may bring a water bottle to keep on your desk. It must have a screw-on top and be kept closed at all times.
Every student must have FOUR sharpened pencils at the beginning of their day. Keep these FOUR sharpened pencils in your pouch. You may NOT use the sharpener after the tardy bell. If you find yourself without a pencil, please take one from the community cup. Be sure to put it back at the end of the day.
Classroom Jobs will rotate every two weeks. Everyone will have a chance to perform at every job. If you are not performing well at your job, you will be replaced.
Getting a Tissue
You may get a tissue from the closest of the two tissue boxes around the room.
You don't even have to ask!
Throw the used tissue away immediately; make sure it lands in the trash can.
DO NOT SHOOT HOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sanitize your hands.
Don’t waste time--get right back to work.
When a visitor enters the class, please wait until Mrs. Meyering acknowledges the visitor.
Do not blurt out “HELLO!” .
Most times visitors need to speak with Mrs. Meyering.
Whenever Mrs. Meyering is speaking with an adult—Be quiet and respectful.
If you need help, please wait until after the conversation has ended.
Organizing desk – Your desk should always be organized. Remove all loose papers and decide if they should go home or stay at school; put papers in proper folders. Place pencils and other supplies in your pouch. Do NOT put anything valuable in your desk. Mrs. Meyering is not held responsible for lost or stolen items.
Keep all of your extra supplies in your supply bag. Most supplies Mrs. Meyering will provide on the supply shelf. Please be sure to recap markers and glue. Walk with scissors--blades DOWN. If you need something--ask.
Using the classroom library
When I am not teaching the whole group and you are finished with EVERYTHING, you may check out a book. To do so, select a book and sign it out on the sign-out sheet. Take good care of the book; when you are finished, return the book to the proper basket and cross it off the sign-out sheet.
As soon as you get a paper, in the upper-right hand corner, print your first AND last name, the assignment name, and today’s date.
Preparing for Lunch
Wait quietly at your desk
When you are called, get your lunch or lunch money and line up.
While you're waiting in line, think about the way you need to behave in the lunchroom and on the playground.
While you're at lunch, find one person who is behaving responsibly and be prepared to tell the class what you noticed.
Fire Drill –
Stop everything
Stand up and head for the door quickly, but without running or pushing; get in alphabetical order
The first person in line holds the outside door, then becomes the last person in line
Stay in line at our designated spot and wait patiently, calmly, and quietly in line outside until we are allowed to go back to what we were doing.
Tornado Drill –
Stop everything
Stand up and head for the door quickly, but without running or pushing
Get in alphabetical order and head to our designated spot in the "A" hallway.
Get down on your hands and knees and put your arms over your head.
Wait patiently, calmly, and quietly in line until we are allowed to go back to what we were doing.
Lockdown Drill
Stop everything
Stand up and head for the space underneath the smartboard quickly, but without running or pushing
Scrunch up close together and be SILENT.
Wait patiently, calmly, and quietly until we are allowed to go back to what we were doing.
Signals for attention – When I need your attention, I will stop, put my hand up, and wait. As soon as you see the signal, stop what you are doing, look at me, and listen for directions. For morning meeting—you will hear a maraca. As soon as you hear the signal, stop what you are doing, and head to the carpet for morning meeting.
We are a class family.
It is good to help out if someone is struggling.
A track team is only as fast as their slowest member.
Are you the fastest?
Or are you the slowest?
How does that make you feel?
Never put down another student who asks for help.
If you are absent, you are still responsible for the homework from the previous night. Any new assignments will be clipped together and left on your desk. You will have 2 days to make up work.

If You Are Sick
If you have time, ask the teacher for a pass.
If you don't have time, go directly to the restroom.
If you cannot make it to the restroom, please grab the waste basket on your way out.
Report back when you are done to get a pass to the nurse’s office.
You can find all assignments, announcements, important dates, etc on our webpage.
You may do what is comfortable for you (sit, stand, shift) as long as you are safe and are NOT disturbing or distracting those around you.
Bathroom, Drinking Fountain,
& Health Emergencies
Blocking Schedule
What is block scheduling?
Block scheduling means that you will travel to different teachers for different subjects.
What will our schedule look like?

7:15-7:45 Morning Work
7:45-8:00 Morning Meeting
8:00-8:30 Safety Net
8:30-9:15 BLOCK I
9:20-10 Resource
10-11:05 BLOCK I
11:10-12:15 Lunch and Recess
12:15-2:00 BLOCK II
Who is teaching what?

Mrs. Meyering will be teaching Math & Science.

Mrs. Garrison will be teaching Literacy & Social Studies
Phys. Ed
Resource Schedule
A- Computer B
B- Computer A
C- Music
D- Phys. Ed.
E- Media
F- Art
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