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Enime Anime

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Welcome to the world of Anime. Welcome to the world of Anime. Anime is a kind of comic book.
Created in Japan for entertainment and fun.
I will show you the beautiful world of anime though this prezi. How to read a manga. The first thing about mangas is they are not read from right to left. You HAVE to read a manga RIGHT to LEFT or you'll read the whole thing backwards.

Most Mangas will have READ THIS WAY!

Or they might have some type of directions in the back of the manga. To know I'm going to show you some of the best animes yet.
The anime trailer, and rating. Sit back and enjoy these wonderful Animes. And anime movies. Clannad/Clannad after story This is a story about a girl named Nagisa. The story here is very heart warming and is safe for kids. (Some scenes may be a little scaring for some under 9.
This anime revived a 9.5 and .
TV:PG The rating will be for TV and for how good it was. Ouran High school host club This is about an odd group of friends but mostly about a girl named Haruhi Fugjioka ,Who is mistaken for a guy and is taken under the wing of the handsome host club. TV:TV 14 and over.
Good anime 9.8 Also see Ouran drama. TV:TV-14
Rating:10 Shaman king This one is about talking to the dead.
One kid named Morty meets a strange
kid named Yoh who just happens to be
a shaman which is a person who is a
spiritual bridge for the dead TV:G
Rating 9.9 The Melancholy of Harhui suzimya Okay this one is a
cool anime. Its about Kyon an average high school kid who meets a girl who wishes to meet the unknown alien race. Black butler1 and 2 Ceil Phantomhive is a 13 year old count
with is demon butler(who is very sexy by the way) Ceil is the Queen's guard dog meaning he has to protect her and do some investigating to keep London safe. Black butler comes back and this time its very shocking.
Ceil meets the most blondest kid in the world,Adios who
also has a demon butler. TV:14
Rating:8.5 TV:MA
Rating 10 TV:14
Rating 9.9 Black butler Black butler II Fruits baskets This is one of the top ten emotional animes out there. This is about a girl named Tohru honda, who meets the Somha family and discovers the biggest secret they've been hiding for years. TV:PG
Rating 10 Origin: spirits of the past Try to imagine that the human race
has gone bankrupt in a way. Plants are the highest from of intelligence and are your only chance for you to live. Agito is a young boy who happens to meet a girl who has been sleeping for a long time TV:PG
Rating:9.8 Princess Tutu "Once upon a time there was a man who died," And that's how this story just got started. Duck is a girl who dreams of being a ballerina and turns out to be very bad at dancing . One day duck meets the man who died and is asked to find the lost heart shards of the prince and only then she can be a real girl. "There is no such thing as a coincidence only fate"
Those would be the words of Yuko a space witch who grants wishes, but what happens when the average Wantinuki meets this lovely woman.
Wantinukie starts to realize hes more than he thinks. So come and step into Yuko's shop and see the world in a different way. TV:PG
Rating: 10 Kaichou wa maid sama Maisaki is the School body president and is trying to shape a better place for the girls at her school. She is independent, wonderful, smart, funny, and she hates boys. Howl's Moving castle. Sophie is a young girl who is turned into a old woman. The one person who can save her from her curse is the wizard Howl. The girl that leapt through time In the near by future the humans will create a device that can send you back though time. But what happens when you find one in the past? Bleach NAME: Ichigo
OCCUPATION: Highschool student.
TALENT:Sees ghost. Vampire Knight Cross academy is a school holding the Day class and the Night class. The one thing you should know about the day class is that its a class full of Vampires. T.V. :PG
Rating: 8.5 T.V.:14
Rating:10 T.V.:G
Rating:9.5 T.V. 14
Rating: 10 T.V. 14
Rating: 7 T.V.14
Rating 9.6 Fullmetal alchemest. "Human kind can not retrieve something with out scarifying something. In order to obtain something, something of equal worth must be given." Two brothers thought that to be the only truth. TV:14
Rate:9.9 Fullmetal Alchemist:
Brother hood. Two Brothers make the hugest taboo in all of alchemy.
Trying to bring a human back to life. FULLMETAL PANIC./FULLMETAL PANIC FUMOFU. A military pro gos in undercover to do his job,but what happens when things get a little hard going undercover as a high school student? Full metal Panic. Full Metal panic Fumofu. Tell me why there's a military pro in a bear suit this time? The Earl & The Fairy. Lydia Carlton is a fairy doctor,who happens to be some one who can see the mythical world. Lydia happens to meet the handsome earl Edgar Ashenbert.Who claims to be the descended form the human ruler of the Fairy kingdom, and needs help form Lydia to take what is rightfully his. Eden of the east. Saki was just on ordinary person who ended up meeting some one who happens not to know who he is. All he has to follow is the gun and phone he had when he woke up. Eden of the east:King of Eden Saki sets out to find Takizowa. Except that's going to be a lot harder with #1 wanting to wrap up the game and #6 trying to kill everyone off one by one and #9 is next. Eden of the east2: Paradise lost Saki and #9 (as he is called ) are on their own and #1 wants to wrap up the game soon. The game will fall. TV 14
Rate:9.9 Both:
TV 14 Rate: 9.5 Rate : 9.0 TV: PG
Rate: 10 TV 14
Rate:9.5 TV:14
Rate:9.8 TV:14
Rate:9.8 Ponyo. If I told you told you the story of a little fish that wanted to be human would you believe me? TV:G
Rating:9.9 Squid girl Squid girl is just your basic everyday squid, who talks, walks, has cool moving tentacles and wants to take over the earth. So what happens when it gets to hard to rule over earth? TV:PG
Rate:8.9 Bakuman! Two Boys,Taka and Akito try to come together and make a Manga.
Turns out that may be harder then what it looks. The End XD Thank you for watching. I hope you all liked the show.
If you are interested in anime please find
the an anime club member or come and see me at.... frubra.luv@gmail.com
Or come on and friend me at
Emina anime, Anime Capital. Come and see me and more Anime freaks This is to help those who have or haven't heard of anime. I think its best to start off with all the cool animes first. Good Mangas to read: Ouran High school Host club. Fruits Basket Bleach. Good Mangas to start reading. Ouran High school host club. Fruits Basket. Bleach. Black Butler Vampire Knight. Ichigo has the ability to see ghost, so what happens when he meets Soul reaper Rukia? TV:PG
Rate:? Unknown
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