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Spanish Constitution

No description

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Spanish Constitution

Democratically elected presidents
Our current constitution was enacted after the 1978 referendum.
What is a Constitution?
A text that
regulates political power
and describes the way
institutions function
according to certain values, moral ideas or philosophical principles.
This set of rules and laws
organizes the life
in a democratic country, in this case Spain.

Transition to democracy
of the dictator
in 1975 marked a leap from dictatorship to democracy.
member panel was selected
among the Cortes
to work on a draft of the Constitution.
WHO Wrote the Constitution?
and by
the Spanish people
on December, 6 .
The Constitution was
approved by the Cortes
on October, 31 , 1978,
It was
by the new King,
Juan Carlos I
, on December, 27 and it came into effect on December 29 .
The Constitution recognizes the
rights and duties
of the Spanish people:
The right of men and women to marry with full legal equality.
The right to private property .
The right to establish foundations for general purposes.
The right to work.
The obligation to contribute financially to sustain public expenditures...

The right to adequate housing, employement, social welfare provision, health protection, pensions, etc.
The right to be equal before the law, without any discrimination for reasons of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion...
The fathers are:
Gregorio Peces-Barba Martinez (dead)
Miguel Herrero de Miñón (alive)
Gabriel Cisneros (dead)
Jose Pedro Perez-Llorca Rodrigo (dead)
Manuel Fraga Iribarne (dead)
Miquel Roca i Junyent (dead)
Jordi Solé Tura (dead)
A summary of this part of the unit...
The 1978 Constitution is democratic because it states that the Spanish
people have the power to participate equally
– either directly or indirectly, through elected representatives – in the proposal, development and establishment of the laws.
Moreover, the Spanish Constitution promotes a model of democratic citizenship, in which
people can improve society
Rights and duties :
Adolfo Suárez
Felipe González
José María Aznar
José Luis R. Zapatero
Mariano Rajoy

is an
form of
where political
by a single person or political entity, and exercised through various
oppressive mechanisms
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