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Hunger Games

No description

tanya tsoi

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Hunger Games

Genre: Science Fiction
PG-13 rating Casts the Capitol is wealthier
than all of the districts 1) The difference of wealth and poor in the country.
>Capitol -->rich
>Districts --> poor (especially in Districts 11&12)
2)Discovering the ugly human nature
>what one will do for their own survival
3)Suppression of the capitol
>forced the districts to send a boy and a girl to the Hunger Games for the entertainment of the Capitol Theme Capitol of the nation -- Panem Katniss Everdeen --> Jennifer Lawrence

Peeta Mellark --> Josh Hutcherson

Gale Hawthrone --> Liam Hemsworth

Haymitch Abernathy --> Woody Harrelson Katniss's little sister:
Primrose Everdeen
-->Willow Shields - each district -- send 1 boy, 1 girl --> compete in the Hunger Games --> must fight with one another until one survivor remains reveal their evil side of human nature value life and friendship, as well as the will to survive The 'HAVE' and 'HAVE NOT's --> $$
--how $ can change things for you
--change how you see the world Background
of the movie! Some districts: more privileged
--train tributes to do well in the games
--gain glory, fame
District 12
--coal mining region
--never stands a chance in the Games
--view as a punishment that must be endured Length of the movie: 142 minutes Screenwriters: Suzanne Collins and Billy Ray
Director: Gary Ross Based on the novel by Suzanne Collins Awards and achievements Movie
MTV Movie Awards
Golden Trailer Awards
the first film since Avatar to remain in first place at the North American box office for four consecutive weekends Overview of the plot :D -"The Hunger Games" :
a nationally televised annual event Representatives of District 12 Katniss Everdeen
-- strong, capable young warrior
--hunts well
--first volunteer -took her younger sister's place in the games

Peeta Mellark
--in love with Katniss Everdeen since the age of 5
--He and Katniss play out a romance in the arena in order to gain sponsors in the games Evaluations! Reasons for recommending the movie:
because it is a good movie :p what the movie will teach you ''If I'm Going to Die, I Still Want To Be ME.''
--Peeta Mellark Covers the elements of culture, political and moral :O) Haymitch Abernathy -- The only living Hunger Games victor from District 12 --the mentor of Katniss and Peeta
--always appears to be drunk
--but is capable of mentoring and getting sponsors for the both of them May the odds be ever in your favour >:] Happy Hunger Games, Cast Sponsors water and food
to the contestants who needed them and the contestants who they liked best

Getting sponsors is all about gaining people’s attention and ingratiating the audience --So he planned to make the two of them appear as a loving couple
(sponsors be entertained :/) 1. In poor districts, Starvation is common
>Katniss always hunt illegally in the woods
2. The way tributes are selected for the Games
>Theory: the lottery by which tributes are chosen is random
>!!In reality, the poor are much more likely than the rich to end up as tributes
3. more wealthy district's tribute: trained for the Games > more likely to survive in the Games External Appearance -how one behaves controls how other people perceive her
1. Reaping ceremony - Katniss stopped her tears -wouldn't appear to be weak
2. The opening ceremony of the Games - focus on Katniss’s preparations --> dress was covered in simulated flames
>earns Katniss the name, “the girl who was on fire,” The Capitol: Government's power forced to kill teens from the other districts and one from their own district prevents people in the districts from joining forces and rebelling (in the Games, districts are divided and fighting among themselves) Live broadcast : shows how tributes are giving their lives just for the entertainment of the Capitol ::stand out among the tributes! The Directing of the film: from novel to movie :) contrast the difference in living standards between the Capitol and Distict 12
brought out the tense and treacherous atmosphere of the arena
dramatizes how a government can abuse and manipulate the poor In the book. In the movie. Katniss' perspective-> deliver the mind of a strong girl stuck in a helpless situation
Katniss' life: told through flashbacks that Katniss remembers herself director Gary Ross instead showed the full spectrum of the Games
appropriate lengths and pace for scenes
cross cutting quiet scenes of Peeta saving Katniss' life by giving her bread with scenes of Katniss talking to Peeta after the Reaping >Memorable tributes attract sponsors who provide gifts
>Katniss hides her tears during the Games as self-pitying tributes are unattractive
>A tribute’s appearance + behavior is a significant part of their survival strategy. Bringing the atmosphere to the theatre: background music James Newton Howard: an American composer best known for his scores to motion pictures !
beautifully ominous humming in the opening scenes to the triumphant sounds of the Capitol
when Katniss is hunting or searching for Peeta->sets the pacing of the story and the tone of District 12
when Katniss shoots an arrow at the Gamekeeper during her practice before the games-> show Katniss' intensity and a possibility of rebellion In front of the cameras: Katniss works to convince the viewers that she’s deeply in love with him. Movie adaption of the Hunger Games What cameras show is not necessarily reality and appearances are just as important as the truth. Tense, effective presentation of the story :]
provides great action and entertainment :]
well-paced development of plot :]
underlying themes that gives food for thought :] The Games: Reflection of our society's issues Other's suffering as entertainment
more suffering; more entertainment Reality TV shows in our world: The Games: though not as cruel as the Hunger Games, still offers up real life as entertainment, and in doing so it turns people into clowns Value be determined by how much entertainment they provide; loses identity as people Romance of Katniss and Peeta:
"star-crossed lovers"
suffering of the loving couple adds drama -> fun for the audience to watch Highlighted: The inequality between $$ and poor :( Capitol$$> Other districts> District 12
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