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Trust me I'm a Fundraiser

No description

Trevor Hickman

on 28 July 2011

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Transcript of Trust me I'm a Fundraiser

Sometimes it's surprisingly easy to get even the simplest things wrong My perspective The "traditional" view But now things are different the 21st century donor is -
less committed
has better access to information
more demanding - asking questions that are difficult/impossible to answer
more cynical
more comfortable with new media - (by 2016 the 20-something workforce will never have been without the internet) Not long ago acquiring new donors was profitable this Red Cross and St.John's appeal run between 1939-1946 (in the UK) raised the equivilant of $8.8bn Sometimes it was inspirational Sometimes it was irreverant An increasingly crowded market

The ABS record there as being 52,775 charities in Australia

The ATO states that in 2007 4.5m people claimed a gift or deduction in their tax return amounting to $2.3bn Rule 6: There is no such thing as donor fatigue just fundraiser
Of all the rules, this one is most about the attitudes that fundraisers need to take
towards their task. It’s easy to hear people talking about donor fatigue: the idea
that people are fed up with giving. Fundraisers should never succumb to this idea.
Fundraisers should always have the view that people have never been asked in the
right way or at the right time or with the right request. The moment that fundraisers
believe that nothing they can say or do will make a difference to whether people
give, they should call it a day. After all, no supermarket, mobile phone company or
bank talks about consumer fatigue. They know that they have to innovate, try out
new things, build better products and create more powerful and compelling reasons
to buy in the minds of their audiences. And fundraising should never be any
different. The Future of Fundraising The future of fundraising is to stop interrupting what people are interested in and become what people are interested in Donor Fatigue? Compassion Fatigue? Fundraiser Fatigue? GFC? Donor Fatigue? Compassion Fatigue? Fundraiser Fatigue? GFC? Fundraising
Fatigue More likely we're suffering from FFF Individual donor fundraising has become over dependant upon mass-market interruptive direct response techniques

Less tollerance of interruptive techniques leads to falling responses

falling responses leads to the need for more prospects

Or an increase in the amount and level of interruption (from direct mail, face to face, telemarketing etc) Beating Fundraising Funnel Fatigue Dick Smith gives away more than $1m a year "just to feel good" The growing trust deficit The personalisation of authority A new set of online tools makes this approach not just a possibility, but also an imperative for any organisation hoping to grow. Give your fan club a megaphone and get out of the way"* Seth Godin. Flipping the Funnel www.sethgodin.com From contact lists to communities Creativity

99% of the time, in my experience, the hard part about creativity isn't coming up with something no one has ever thought of before. The hard part is actually executing the thing you've thought of.

The devil doesn't need an advocate. The brave need supporters, not critics. Greenpeace Virtual March (2005)

The IWC met in Ulsan in South Korea

Over 50,000 thousand people from 122 countries took part in the Virtual March by sending photographs of themselves with a banner expressing theirconcern about the fate of the world's dwindling populations of whales. Your name on toast

A simple (slightly stupid), but ever so clever idea which has raised over $13k for Oxfam Ireland So far has raised $178m globally in just over 7 years! Movember Kiva - microfunding

allows individuals lend $25 to help people out of poverty

601,259 Kiva lenders
$230m in loans
98.79% repayment rate
59 different countries Seth Godin The Donor Pyramid/Value Kite ...people are good; they care the content of the communication is what it's all about Trevor Hickman
National Manager Community Fundraising

Lifeline Working to make ourselves redundant
(Fundraising In 40 minutes) Working to make ourselves Redundant
(Fundraising in 40 minutes)

Trevor Hickman
National Manager,
Community Fundraising When Actionaid started its 'Postal Parent scheme in the 70's it was state-of-the art Royal Children's Hospital Foundation Everest Virtual Challenge
teams of 15 people climb the equivilant of the height of everest. It uses peer-to-peer marketing to recruit and communicate with donors

Uses handheld devices to illustrate walk If you're interested look at Centre for Social Impact

Givewell - Australian Charity Profiles

Sofii - Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration

Sean Triner - Fundraising Commentator and CEO of Pareto

NFP Synergy - Research and Consultancy specialising in NFPs
www.NFPsynergy.net Tom's Shoes Has donated over 1m pairs of shoes to children in poor countries - reciprocal purchasing
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