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Mallory, Cody, Jesse and Ryan's Recruitment Strategy

Ryan Lessard

on 9 August 2010

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Transcript of KPMG NBSC

Student Decision Making Process Stage 2 Stage 3
CONCLUSION A Personal Connection I bet you can't see me KPMG Facebook- 4 Years Twitter- 2 Years Myspace- 3 Years Social Media is Part of a Dynamic Environment Recruiting for the Future CA Career
Path Which Firms
to Apply to? Which Firm to Accept Until its death in 2008 Mallory Doggett, Cody Hines, Jesse Longo
and Ryan Lessard The Recruiting Environment Communication Environment Social Media is a very new environment in the history of KPMG recruiting Dynamic Environment Social Media is going to evolve Results are unpredictable Need a sustainable recruitment strategy for the next 5 years Candidate Environment Building brand has become more difficult TV Commercials/ radio ads no longer invoke emotion Candidate pool has a shield Branding is moving to an "experience stage" Building a brand in candidates' minds is the key Experience through relationships Key Take Away: Creating an Experience Key Take Away: Dynamic Recruiting Environment Solution Creation of relationship with candidate Emotional tie to KPMG Attract not Recruit Developed a strategy to create relationships with candidates Stage 1: Choosing the CA Career Path Mass media focused Largest candidate pool DECA opportunitiy Set a precedent early Opportunity: Challenging Learning Stage 2: Applying to Big or Small Firms? Providing information on the benefits of Big Firm UFE Training Program Resources Client Network Stage 3: Accepting KPMG's Offer Decision made here Chance for KPMG to differentiate itself Relationship building is the key Conversion Rate Attract not recruit Envy of the Professional Services Industry Creating an experience during this stage Stage 3: What needs to be Achieved Established connection to firm Building strong KPMG relationships translates to client Better understanding of job description Stage 3: Strategy Pre- interview event Create and experience to develop a brand and invoke emotion Cody's Experience Mallory's Experience Nationwide Initiative Stage 3: Ingredients 1) Staff and Seniors make up the majority of KPMG attendance 2) Opportunity for staff and seniors to talk candidly with candidates 3) Open conversation with non-accounting related topics 4) Frequent small group acitivities/discussion 5) Activities Staff and seniors that have ability to create relationship Broadens job description Creates small connection Allows the firm to better understand candidates Allows for icebreaking and relationship building Finding things in common Better knowledge of candidate relationship skills Can translate to client- firm relationship 3-4:1 ratio of candidates to KPMG employees Not only a meal Activity that everyone is at a level playing field for Bottom Line Our solution is not a cookie cutter Pre- Interview event that will increase the "conversion rate" Our solution provides the necessary ingredients to develop the important relationships and emotional ties with the firm that will improve the conversion rate and attract the best minds P + K + R = Value This philosophy, as part of the Envy Strategy, should be integrated into the recruiting process Social Media is ever changing Candidate pool is resistant to mainstream advertising Creating a relationship will invoke emotion Emotion is the key to the KPMG brand in candidate's mind Pre- interview event is the critical moment Our solution provides the framework to build the necessary relationship Relationships will create reputation in the job market Stage 1 Large Value Recruiting Thank you for your time
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