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King Hedley II

No description

Angelica Castro

on 9 December 2016

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Transcript of King Hedley II

King Hedley II
Ruby - King's mother
Elmore - Ruby's ex
Tonya - King's wife
Mister - King's best friend
Stool Pigeon - Nextdoor neighbor
African Americans in the 80's
African-Americans still faced discrimination
The steel industry in the Pittsburgh crashed, causing up to 30% of its population to become unemployed (most of which was made up of African-American people)
An monologue in which Tanya expresses her feelings of failure in being a mother and fearing the cruel world's effect on a vulnerable new life.
Plot Summary
King Hedley II, an ex-con, attempts to save up enough money with his friend, Mister, to open a video store. he finds out his wife, Tanya, is pregnant but she does not want to keep the baby because she fears that King will be sent to jail soon. Meanwhile, Ruby's ex-lover returns to rekindle their relationship but they have a secret they must keep from King concerning his parentage.
African-Americans in "King Hedley II"
Set in 1985 when Pittsburgh is in a time of urban decay
King (ex-convict) and Mister (sold stolen items), and Elmore (con-man)
These men could not find regular jobs, or were underqualified so they turned to criminal activity to provide for themselves (and/or others)
Tanya struggled with the idea of raising another baby in the cruel (prejudice) world they live in
King Hedley II
Angelica Castro
P. 6

A screenplay by August Wilson
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