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Health Skills

No description

Jason Borgstrom

on 22 September 2011

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Transcript of Health Skills

Health and Wellness Health Wellness In The Door Activity
Define Health Steps to responsible health 1. how much you know
2. reliable information
3. take action and goal setting
4. lifestyle factors affect health (sleep and nutrition)
5. Weight, exercise, avoiding drugs The state or condition of achieving physical, social, and mental/emotional health Heredity
Available health care
Environment -health is a combination of physical, mental/emotional, and social well-being. Health Education
-providing information that influences people to change and take positive actions regarding their health. Heredity-
-passing on traits from one generation to the next (your parents to you)
-transmission of genes (skin color, disease) Available Health Care
-immunizations, dental checkups, and physical exams.
-Small vs Big cities Environment
-Total sum of your surroundings
-includes where you live, school, and people.
3 important factors that impact health
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