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No description

Tareca Tinoco

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of DOGS


Hello everybody I did my presentation about dogs because that is my favourite animal. I hope you enjoy it!!!
Dogs main food is rationed and given as a portion in a bowl.People give them treats when they do something good,it is a good way to learn. Never give them chicken bones because they can choke. Give them lots of water because they need to drink a lot.

Rottweiler is one of the most dangerous dogs in the world. Bad people use them for fighting but they shouldn't do that. They are also used for guarding homes and sometimes you can see them with the police.
Sausage Dog
These dogs are
very long but they are playful dogs so they don't guard homes!!!!! (they will play with
burglars) !!!!
Border Collie
The Border Collie is the smartest type of dog in the world.This breed of dogs is used to guard sheep.


This type of dog is the smallest
one in the world, people like to use them to put in their bag.
Great Dane

A Great Dane is the biggest type of dog in the world. They are good to scare people and good to guard homes.

This dog in the picture is actually the biggest one in the world

Husky are used to pull things like a sled you can see them in cold places, they are also good dogs to guard homes.They also compete in races. These dogs look a lot like a grey wolf
1)what is the biggest type of dogs in the world?
2)what was the first dog??
3)who are humans best friends???
4)we have fingerprints what do dogs have????
5)who looks a lot like a wolf?????
6)what is dogs the main food??????
7)If a dog is 9 years old for us how much would it be for them (9x7=?)???????
8)what type of dogs do I have and what are their

The first dog was a wolf. All types of dogs are descendents from the wolf. They look very different now.
I have 1 !!!!
Did you know !!
1) 1 year for us is 7 for dogs!!!!
2) A puppy is born blind,deaf and toothless!!
3) Dogs have sweat glands between their paws!!
4) Dogs noses are not just used for smelling they are also used for keeping them cool!!!
5) Each dog has a nose print just like humans have finger prints!!
6) Dogs have 3 eyelids 1 is for blinking and the others are for winking at the girls!!!!

My Dogs
Rafeiro do Alentejo
type of my dog
Great Dane
Serra De Aires
I hope you like my presentation and enjoined it. if you need something about dogs you can always ask me!!!!

Bomba and Banana are Portuguese dogs!!!!
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