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Includes physical landmarks, political landmarks, history, famous people, agriculture, and more.

Chloe P

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of ALASKA

By Chloe P
At around 14,000 BC, the Siberian groups crossed the Bering Land Bridge into what’s now Western Alaska.
The U.S. bought Alaska from Russia for $7.2 Million in 1867. (Each acre cost 2 cents)
1741- Vitus Bering, an explorer from Denmark found Alaska.
1747- Grigory Shelikhov found Three Saints Bay in the Kodiak
The main Natural Resources of Alaska are potatoes, fishing, oil, barley, vegetables and decorative plants.
A few of the Human Resources of Alaska are Native American Crafts, Fur Coats, Fishing Rods, Dog Sleds, and Ocean Cruises.
Extra Information
Alaska has many places that no one dares to go.
Alaska is more than two times bigger than Texas.
The state has more than a thousand islands, including the ones that are less than 10x10(miles).
Alaska's Aurora
There are many natural things that happen in Alaska, like Aurora. Alaska is the only state in the United States to have Aurora, and many tourists have reported that there was something wrong with the Aurora, like the Aurora had a split-second flash for once or more. But those flashes happen many times.
Some of the Physical Features are:
Fun State Facts
Alaska became an organized territory in 1912.
On April 24th, 1956, the Constitution was ratified.
The name Alaska – Frona Aleut, Word ‘Alaxsxaq’ means “Main Land”.
Fun State Facts
State Tree- Sitka Spruce
State Bird- Willow Ptarmigan
State Fish- King Salmon
State Gem- Jade
State Fossil- Woolly Mammoth
State Mineral- Gold
state sport- Dog-mushing
Important People & History
Natural/Human Resources
Physical Features
Physical Landmarks
Physical & Political Landmarks
Political Landmarks
Some Physical Landmarks of
Alaska are:
Some Political Landmarks
of Alaska are:
Denali National Park
State Capitol
Alaska State Museum
Mendenhall Glacier
Saint Michelle's
Aniakchak Crater
Arrigetch Peaks (Located in Yukon)
Bogoslof Island
Illiamna Volcano (10,016 ft)
Malaspina Glacier (Largest piedmont glacier in North America)
Walker Lake (A Mountain Lake at the northern limit of forest growth)
Alaska's famous mysteries and monsters
Yakobi Cave
The Yakobi Cave has a Monster about 9 feet tall and its body is covered in brown hair. The monster is like
Bigfoot, and they pull out trees, then stick them back into the ground upside down to show their property. They can scare a Grizzly Bear away, though they do not attack humans (especially the ones that go out and like nature). This monster is called Sasquatch.
A large fish
The fish lives in a lake more than
a mile deep, and they are more than 2-times bigger than a Great White Shark. It can eat a meal the size about 30cm by 10cm, rough and hard. It does not have a name.
Alaska is also known for the Aliens and UFO HOT SPOTs!
A lot of people reported that they saw a UFO, and more than 75% of people saw it in between midnight and 4 o' clock!
Important People & History
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Important Pictures
Alaska's Map.
Alaska's Flag
Common Animals & Plants
Thank you for watching!
1906- Ray Mala was an Actor. (And was born in Alaska)
1919- Walter Joseph Hickel was born. Later he fought for Alaska’s statehood under President Nixon.
1954- Susan Butcher, a Sled-dog racer, won the Gold Medal 3-in-a-row, and she was the first to do so.
1974- Jewel, a Singer and an Actress, won three Grammys.
The North Star
The Big Dipper
(Really snowy!)
Dog sledding
Did you know that Alaska is the largest state in the United States?
Alaska is not so popular in the U.S. but it is a wonderful place! There are a lot of nature, snow, ice and mountains. And there are a lot more!
In Alaska, there are many undiscovered places. Some, because it is too dangerous. But others, because it is too far. That means that the land is big.
First, let's see some physical landmarks of Alaska.
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