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Issues in the Deaf Community


Jessie Reddricks

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Issues in the Deaf Community

Issues in the Deaf Community The Deaf community has a variety of issues, ranging from discrimination to health problems. Deaf people have faced a lot of discrimination in the past, and still do today. This discrimination stems from ignorance of the Deaf culture and the beautiful language that flows through it. Hearing people tend to only think of deafness as a simple disability; the inability to hear, and that their only means to communicate is flailing your hands around at people. Discrimination The lack of knowledge and education on Sign language has caused most of the hearing community to space themselves from the Deaf. It's natural for people to do this when they don't understand what they're trying to keep away from. Due to people not knowing too much about the language, obviously people who rely on Sign for communication have trouble with things that people with an oral language don't. Communication Emergencies
(Lack of technology for Deaf to use that are immediate or fast.)
Reporting Crime
(Deaf being afraid of being shot down or misunderstood)
Having hearing parents
(Not being taught proper SL, having parents who dont know how to get themselves or their child into the DCommunity)
Differences in language
(Eye contact, facial ex, straightfowardness, etc) Examples The Gallaudet Protest Another problem that the Deaf community faced in 2006 was a big protest at Gallaudet University, one of the largest schools for the Deaf. Students attending the University protested the choice of presidency to lead and represent the university; Dr. Jane Fernandes. Students stated that Fernandes didn't promote a "total ASL enviroment," she went through mainstream school, and didn't learn ASL until she was twenty. There was also doubt that Fernandes would support racial diversity at the university. Students had a problem with a person like that leading a major Deaf University. Websites and blogs were created to spread awareness and the hype of the protest to more people. For a short period of time, Gallaudet was even shut down by the protesters after they barricaded the front gates, demanding a Deaf president. Eventually, the student's voices were heard, and protest was resolved. Dr. I. King Jordan was named Gallaudet's 8th president. This proved to be a major Deaf victory in the community's eyes Cochlear Implants ~Works Cited~ Presentation ~ Jessie Reddricks and Megan Bradley General Discrimination
(People thinking that being deaf is simply a disability)
(Employers thinking deaf employees can't do a job as good as a hearing employee)
(Deaf students who are given "special treatment" by teachers)
(Places like Theaters and Community Centers not acknowledging Deaf/HH audience members As many know, the Deaf community is a tight-knit group of people who hold their deafness very dear. With the increase of deaf people getting cochlear implants, some Deaf are afraid that the "Deaf community" will soon be a thing of the past, since more and more deaf want to be open to the same opportunities as hearing people. As the Deaf community is a world where being deaf is not a disability, but an asset, there are many people who strongly disagree with the idea of cochlear implants. Deaf who get these implants are often shunned by the community. "Employment Discrimination Against Deaf Job Applicants" Berke, Jamie, About.com Guide (About.codeafness.about.com/cs/jobfeatures/a/jobsearchdis.htm)

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"Who here has a cochlear implant?" Angelchi Reddit.com
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