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Courtney Timms

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

I am fifteen years old and in year ten. I am currently attending Eastern Fleurieu School in Strathalbyn.
My name is Courtney!
My life.
The most important people in my life are my family and my friends. I am very close with my parents, and fairly close with my grandparents. I love being around my friends. I love the friends most that I can act myself around. I rarely keep secrets from these people. I have no time for people I don't like and I won't pretend that I do. I love the fact that I can see all of my amazing friends at school and this year I am planning on focusing on my schooling. I really enjoy meeting new people too. I also enjoy being the workplace, whether at school or at work. I love using facebook, I enjoy being able to keep in touch with all of my friends in or out of my town.
One of my favourite places would have to be the beach, even though I can't even swim, I love being in water.
Multiple intelligence test
Simpsons personality test
In the Simpsons personality test I am found to be cooperative and "here and now" type of person. The character is Homer Simpson. I also have a very sociable nature and therefore I have high chances to succeed in psycology.
My multiple intelligences
My multiple intelligences are interpersonal & intrapersonal, although they are quite different I agree. In some aspects I am very interpersonal. I like being around people and socialising. I have empathy for the feelings of others and try to help people as much as I can. Interpersonal skills are very good to have if I want to study psychology. I am also intrapersonal in some ways as knowing my own strengths and weaknesses. I have independance and determination, if I want something in life I will do my best to get it. I work best on my own bacause I feel that there are less distractions around me, therefore my concentration is better.
5 capabilities
Improving my sociable skills, and making new friends. Staying out of arguements.
Helping people in the community, volunteering at school, starting charitys.
Personal development;
Maturing like a woman, get promoted to waitressing and learning to save money.
Getting promoted to be a waitress, Learn what courses i need to be a phsycologist, Do all of the courses.
Concentrate in class, listen to teachers, Talk about things that are not related to the subject, less.
The most important things in my life. <3
Life event
The event that impacted my life the most was in 2010 my grandparents bought a small pet shop. "Pets Domain" in Strathalbyn. We ran the shop as a family buisiness and I learned alot about running a buisiness and about animals. For starters I thought having a petshop was great and I loved learning about running a buisiness. In 2012 my nana got sick and the buisiness slowed down. My mum had to be in the shop every day of the week to make enough money to pay the bills, and the shop just started getting in the way of our lives and causing stress for all of us, so we decided put it up for sale, my nana was unhappy with this decision but it had to be done. On the 3rd of January new owners took over the shop, the last finalisations are being done and hopefully my nana will get better.
The End
Courtney P Timms-Shillabeer.
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