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JUStice and mercy

No description

lewis crockart

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of JUStice and mercy

The Merchant of Venice Justice Mercy Mercy... What is it.... The dictionary tells us that mercy: is the compassion
or forgiveness shown to a criminal
or offender by a person in power Explain.. By this definition mercy must be shown by a person of power.But what is just must come from a person of power whom is giver the right to authority such as a judge.Meaning..... Justice and mercy have
similarity's But what are they Justice... The dictionary tells us that justice: is the exercise of authority in the maintenance of right. In law by a court and judge and jury Within our story... In the Merchant of Venice these themes are used extensively by Shakespear both of them appearing to have specific characters stemming from their traits. The specific character i speak of as stemming from the traits of mercy is Antonio. Antonio the rich merchant whom is facing the "full weight of justice",a man who shows mercy even to his persecutor.he is a man who represents what it means toshow mercy... His actions perfectly demonstrate what it means o be merciful" showing compassion while in a position of power"(in this case over shylock after the trial).While shylock is at Antonios
knees in tears Antonio fells that to show mercy would be the correct "christian" thing to do.Fitting in well with the very "christian" Morals In our story In the merchant of venice shylock is the man whom demands justice but in the end begs for mercy so in many ways justice is a double edged sword. The person who desires justice can and cant show mercy.. In the story Shylock insists that justice will be found and that Antonio should be punished for breaking the bond.The court wishes for him to be merciful but he will hear none of it insisting once again that justice will be served.However when he is on the back foot of the law he begs for mercy himself and is given so by his christian counterpart Together ? Sepretally these are relatively easy concepts to understand but together they create a sort of resistance to each other.While in many cases justice cannot exist without mercy, the two have a very exclusive relationship.While they may or may not be independent concepts they both act within the same context, that of a situation
by law or any situation where an offender is to be prosecuted. in my opinion these two concepts are not exclusive they rely on eachother to exist and in many cases act in harmony creating the perfect anf just punishment but in others they can outbalance resulting in the opposition or the defense felling unfairly treated but the fine line between the two makes it hard for the judge carrying out the sentencing. conclusion Justice and Mercy in
everyday life Justice and mercy are both used in
manyways during an ordinary day
for example... The Modern World Justice and Mercy is found in the modern world in plenty of places. From Court Cases to Personal issues it is used all the time but not always fairly, would a muslim from abroad be given the same sentence as a British person for committing the same crime? Should we take a mans life because he took another or are we showing him too much mercy by letting him live? Its all about getting that perfect balance between them but that balance is almost impossible to find in many cases. Media Justice and Mercy can also be found in media like videogames. in certain videogames you may be faced with the choice of killing the bad guy or sparing him a choice that will affect everyone differently so does that mean the level of justice or/and mercy carried out in court depends on the judge sentencing . By Declan Christie, Lewis Crockart and Matthew Brannen
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