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The Renaissance Versus The Modern World

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Erin Irving

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of The Renaissance Versus The Modern World

By Erin Irving The Renaissance Vs. The Modern Day Thesis and Background Information The Renaissance and The Modern World have a multitude of similarities and differences. Some of which include familial roles, dress, and medicine. The Renaissance was the rebirth of arts and architecture and also a renewal of interest in erudition. The modern world has made a significant amount of improvements, though some people believe that we have actually retrogressed since the Renaissance. Both time periods made advancements in similar and diverse areas. Leading up to The Renaissance the people lived in a society dominated by the Church and were told what and what not to think, thereover it was not an environment conducive to learning which was one of the major causes of The Renaissance. In Modern Times places like the United States of America were built upon the philosophy that anyone can do anything which was the polar opposite to the teachings in fourteenth century Italy. Video Education The education systems have changed since the time of The Renaissance and the time of the Modern World. One of the main focuses of The Renaissance was education whereas nowadays education is seriously neglected by both students and adults. Medicine Medicinal accomplishments also differ between the two eras. During The Renaissance many medicinal practitioners were undereducated and under supported thereby leading to an immense lack of proper medicinal care for the people of that time period. Nowadays institutions such as Harvard University, The Johns Hopkins University, University of Cambridge, and Karolinska Institutet are among the top medicinal institutes in the world. In the days of The Renaissance they had limited medical knowledge and used improper tactics such as leeching which turned out to serve more harm the good. Currently we are in possession of a large number of vaccines and antibiotics along with a vast knowledge of the human anatomy. Renaissance Modern Day Citations Mister Mortas's Class
The Very Large Packet I received from Missus Anelli
photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
A Glossary of Medieval Cooking Terms © 2000 James L. Matterer & Darell W. McCormick
BBC America; Horrible Histories Family Renaissance Modern Day Women were housewives
Women were considered property
Children had no rights
Daughters were taught to be accomplished, attractive, and well-versed so that they might gain a profitable marriage. Women can obtain almost any job
Women no longer considered property
Children have some rights such as the right to education
Marriage is mostly based on a mutual fondness of one another (Some people consider this love but that's a matter of opinion) Food The whole world is familiar with the famous Shakespeare’s tragic story about love between Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the world similar stories happen every day, and some of them get to be remembered through a story or a novel. In Serbia, there is a story called ”Ašikov grob” by Janko Veselinovic ( ”The lover’s grave” ). Indeed, the story is real, and even more tragic than Shakespeare’s. Though the story is old, Janko Veselinovic managed to write it down, and today we have Serbian Romeo and Juliet. Picture below is from monument of their love and says: ”Here rests the story about love. Pavle and Đula became children of Heaven. They loved each other sincere ’till the end.” The story is based on the true events, and I felt the need to present the story to you given the recent events in Montenegro when two people almost committed suicide because of their families. Here is what happened:

Filip and Jovan were rich peasants, who had one common thing – each of them had only one child. Filip had a daughter, named Đulka, but family called her Đula. The name is derived from Turkish word for rose, and she really was beautiful as a rose.
Jovan had a son, named Pavle. Filip and Jovan almost competed who will earn bigger wealth and give better life to his child. The greed has blinded them. Pavle and Đula have lived as any other young people, and would have been an excellent pair, if their parents have decided to meet them. However, the didn’t.
One day, while they both strolled in the mountains, they met. Boy thought that she was a fairy from the forest. They talked, and, word by word, they realized that they were meant for each other. But, they knew that their families won’t allow that. so they hid their feelings in front of them. For more than two years, they were seeing each other, hiding even their own shadows, in fear that someone will find out and tell their fathers.
As love between Pavle and Đula grew stronger, so did the hatred between their fathers. And one day, the inevitable has happened – Filip and Jovan found out about the love of their children. They were devastated and angry at the same time at both of them.
As it usually happens, anger in man brings some irrational decisions. Filip sent a message to a landlord from another village and offered a hand of his daughter to him. When Đula heard of it, she promised to kill herself. But before that, she sent a servant to Pavle, because she wanted to see him one more time. Pavle agreed to meet at the same place where they first saw each other.
Pavle went that night to that place. It was one of those cold nights, snow had just started to fall, and blizzard was beginning. Yet, that didn’t stop him. He came and waited. Đula was late. Only the sound of wind was heard.
Pavle stood and listened to sounds of winter. Suddenly, he heard some cracks, like someone stepping onto branches. He was happy, believing it was Đula. He shouted her name, but, nobody responded. Instead of Đula, someone else came. The wolves.
He looked up in the sky, cried for God’s help, crossed himself and broke off some big branch. He killed them all, except one, the last standing wolf. He thought that it’s over and thanked to God, saying he won’t be needing his help anymore. With his last strength, he hit the wolf, but the branch cracked in half. Wolf attacked him hard. But, Pavle stayed calm. Though the wolf was trying to bite his neck, Pavle remained reasonable and managed to pull out his knife. Luckily, he stabbed the beast right into the heart. When he stood up, he saw another wolf pack awaiting.
Đula was late because the landlord came that evening to propose her. After that, she ran to see Pavle. She came and saw blood everywhere. In searching for Pavle, she only found his ripped arm. She pressed his hand to her heart and felt that she is falling to sleep from which she will never wake up.
Filip and Jovan started searching their children the next morning. They found Đula frozen, holding Jovan’s arm to her chest. At that place, Jovan and Filip reconciled.
Under that oak tree, where Đula and Jovan first met and died, parents buried them and made a stone mark.
Today, there is a memorial built, in the vicinity of the villages near Šabac, where the tragic love of these two young people is immortalized. A Serbian Romeo and Juliet Renaissance salads of various kinds flesh of prinsels with parsley and vinegar[savoury preserves]
mutton broth fricasse of gosling spring chickens with spinach cold saille
pigeons a la tremoulette
roast joints of mutton
roast brest of veal
small pastries with hot sauce roast roebuck dainty pate spring chickens in aspic sweetened mustard
venison broth
roast capon
orange salad
roast pheasants
roast rabbits roast
spring chickens,
some stuffed some larded
roast quail
roast crousets
smoked tongue
boulogne sausages
pheasant pates
pate of meaux
hams crousets pates
turkey or peacock pate
venison pate
leg of lamb daube
capon in aspic
roast swan
sweetened mustard

mousse tart
apple tart
chervil tart
jam tart
cream flan
gohier waffles
pate of pears
clove apple
pears in mead
pears angelots
gren walnuts
fresh fruit
ample jelly
cheese Modern Fast Food
Less meats than in The Renaissance
Most people don't hunt their own food
Grocery Stores sell all kinds of food in one place
Preservatives keep food lasting for a long time Politics In modern societies we have democracies, republics, dictatorships, and an abundance of other forms of government as well as presidents, kings, parliaments, and senates. The people of the Renaissance also had parliaments, kings, and republics, but were much less free than certain areas in the modern world. Religion In the times of the Renaissance the Roman Catholic Church dominated over all, including the kings. The church could excommunicate any person or interdict any civilization that opposed them. Anyone who practiced other religions were persecuted. Nowadays there are a multitude of religions in the world such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Christianity Islam Judaism Chivalry In The Renaissance chivalry was a code of conduct enforced mostly upon knights, nobles, and lords. It dictated how they act and what was appropriate. Nowadays there is no specific code of conduct for such things. We have things like manners and social standards such as, not putting your elbows on the table while you eat, not wearing ridiculous things in public, and not randomly throwing fruit at people. (Which I only recently learned is improper) Fashion In The Renaissance men wore breeches and short petticoats while women wore long dresses. If they were married the women wore their up whereas the unmarried wore their hair down. Now, men and women both wear pants. Materials such as denim and cotton are used for clothing. Some boys choose to reveal their underwear and some girls choose to wear provocative clothing that cover very little. Another Video
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