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THE Little Mermaid From ursula

No description

Caroline Kadir

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of THE Little Mermaid From ursula

THE Little Mermaid From Ursula's Point Of View!

Chapter 1
They never knew my side of the story.Well, one day I was out, my 2 pet eels were right beside me. I was trying to ask Ariel if she could help me make a birthday cake for my grandson, Prince Eric. When my 2 pet eels went to go to Ariel, she thought that I was going to torture her again.
Chapter 4
When Ariel's hair grew back she told everyone a whole different story and how I was the bad guy. If I had not cut her hair then she would have not gotten married. You think you helped someone out but they repay you by not telling the truth. So in the end Ariel and Eric had a happy life together, while everyone is mad at me when I did nothing wrong. But I guess that is what you get when someone is a mermaid.
My name is Ursula. I am a witch that doesn't care about anything but myself. Everyone says I was mean to Ariel but they never saw my point of view!

Chapter 2
When I went and found my grandson I pretended to be his finance. I said yes when he proposed to me. But then Ariel came along and met my grandson and it was love at first site. But I was like heck to the-no! I planned something bad but not evil! I'm not about that evil life. It just takes to much time. Plus I did not get my ingredients for my grandson birthday cake.
Chapter 3
That night I went to Ariel's bed at her kingdom. Ariel told everyone that she had feet and could not talk but that is all a lie. So anyway I went to her bed and I got one of her scissors and cut all of her red hair off! I know it sounds real evil but when mermaids cut there hair it grows back in two weeks. So she was only going to be bald for a 2 week. When she woke up the next morning she told my grandson and he told her " I love you no matter what you look like." I was so mad at him that I was crying. The next day Ariel and Eric got married . Still to this day I cry myself to sleep saying that should be me.
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