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The City Cycle

No description

Sandy Toriz

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The City Cycle

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
How does water change every day?
What we know about the water cycle is that there are 4 stages in the water cycle which are evaporation,condensation,precipitation,and collection.
We know that these are the main stages of the water cycle. These 4 stages have their own job.
The first stage is evaporation. The final stage is collection.

Condensation is when droplets come together to form clouds. Condensation occurs when the water vapor in the air cools down and turns to tiny droplets of liquid.
Condensation helps the water cycle by the little droplets coming together and forming clouds.
Precipitation is rain,hail,sleet or snow.Presipitation works when the clouds can't hold water and lets it go.
Precipitation helps the water cycle by dropping water so it can evaporate and condense.
The City Cycle,
by: Jazmin M, Litzy O,
Lidia A, Sariel B.
Water helps us by helping trees,and trees give us oxygen. In summer the sun helps the water to evaporate which starts the water cycle.

The way we collected information is when Lidia helped us answer questions. Sariel helped us with the technology. Jazmin and Litzy did the typing.
What do you know about the water cycle?
Evaporation is vapor that comes from rivers,lakes,oceans,and puddles. Evaporation works when the sun's heat warms the water and turns it into vapor.
Evaporation helps the water cycle by the vapor condensing in the clouds.
Runoff is rivers,lakes,and streams that transport water from land to the oceans.Runoff works when consists of precipitation that neither evaporates,transpires nor penetrates the surface to become groundwater.Runoff helps the water cycle by when the runoff water goes to the ocean then evaporates.
Groundwater is water located below ground and how it returns the surface.Groundwater works by soaking into the ground and moving it to the ocean. Then it repeats itself.
What would happen without one part of the water cycle?
What would happen is that the whole water cycle might not work. For example, if there is no precipitation it wouldn't rain then it wouldn't evaporate.
We learned the 4 stages of the water cycle and how they all worked. We also learned about runoff and groundwater.
Can the water cycle begin at any stage?
Yes, the water cycle can begin at any stage because it goes in circles. For example if it starts from condensation then it goes to precipitation then it just keeps going.
Fun facts
1. One fun fact is the source of all life on earth.
2. Only 1% of Earth's water is available for drinking.
3. The water on earth never stops moving.

Transpiration is the transfer of water to the atmosphere by plants and vegetation. Transpiration works when the sun heats up the water and turns it into vapor and plants and trees help because they lose water too.
Transpiration helps the water cycle by the evaporation of water into the atmosphere.
Thanks for watching!!!!!!!:)

The video we got it from youtube.
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