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Enders Game Character graphic organizer

No description

Rachel Setzer

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Enders Game Character graphic organizer

Ender Wiggin
main character in the book.
Was born a "third" (3rd child in the family which is usually a bad thing). He was actually born to be tested.
He is a very intelligent young boy who starts off the book at the age of 6.
Younger brother of Peter and Valentine.
Valentine Wiggin
Enders older sister.
Ender and Valentine have very similar personalities.
Valentine is the person who ender looks up to, and loves the most.
Valentine is the only person who truly loves Ender.
also known as pseudonym Demosthenes in her essays.
Peter Wiggin
Enders older brother.
Very cruel and manipulative.
Shares the same ruthlessness as Ender and Valentine, without sharing any of their compassion or sympathetic traits.
After Enders victory, Peter holds his "dream position" as Ruler of the World. He ironically was a good ruler.
Also known by his screen name "Locke".

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Enders Game Character graphic organizer
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