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Story Structure

No description

Katherine Peterson

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Story Structure

Story Structure
What is story structure?
Story Structure: the important parts of the story, including the problem, or conflict, plot events surrounding the problem, and the problem's solution or resolution.
A Package for Mrs. Jewels
Problem: What was our main conflict?

Rising action: What led to our main conflict?

Resolution: How was the problem solved?

Characters: Who were the characters?
Summarize: to briefly tell only the important parts of the story in your own words.

Summarize A Package for Mrs. Jewels
Vocabulary Review
Using your level 1 voice, turn to your shoulder partner and ask them 5 questions using a different vocabulary word for each question.

Example: How would your hand feel if it were numb?
Why do we need to know about story structure?
1. Refers to important parts of a story.
a. main character's problem
b. resolution (solution to the problem)
c. plot events that lead to the resolution
Billy on the Loose
Use the story map on page 21 to examine the story structure of Billy on the Loose. Then create your own summary of the story.
Turn to page 21 in your book.
Billy on the Loose
Using your level 1 voice, turn to your shoulder partner and share your story maps with one another.
TPS - Let's create a story map for A Package for Mrs. Jewels using the elements of story structure we discussed earlier.
First and Last name
Homeroom Teacher
Homeroom room number
Share your story map with the class by using your level 3 voice to retell the story. (Don't forget to raise your hand if you want to share!)
On the back of your paper, draw another story map. Using this map, examine the story structure of a another story you have read lately.
A Package for Mrs. Jewels
Put a Heading on Your Paper!
Billy on the Loose: Your Turn!
You Choose a Story
Vocabulary Review
Open your books to page 18. Copy the vocabulary words and the example sentences into the word study section of your notebook.

Voice level: 0
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