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La Storia di Niccolo Ammaniti

i romanzi: Io non ho paura e Come dio commanda

teresa vinci

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of La Storia di Niccolo Ammaniti

IO NON HO PAURA Summary Niccolo Ammaniti Niccolo Ammaniti was born in Rome in 1966, published his first book by the age of 34. He is very well known for his novels to have this complex son and father relationship. Like "As God Commands" and "I'm Not Scared". Although I wasn't able to find strange news regarding him and his father's relationship, I really connected myself to his works for that reason. The way fathers raise their children down South is completely in-explainable, I understand. It may be strange but I believe that all old traditional italian men from Southern Italy are very hard-headed and always need to be right. Which is learned through reading about Cristiano Zena's father in As God Commands.
– Before making his name as a thriller writer, he worked with his father, a professor in psychopathology, on an essay on the problems of adolescence entitled 'In the name of the son'.
Further discuss the relationship between each of the main characters in "As God Commands" and "I'm not Scared"
How the effect of "growing up" makes a big impact on their decision making.
Furthermore, a turning point in each character's lives where they have to face reality and do what is what is right. "FINAL THOUGHTS" After reading the two works, and gaining information on Ammaniti's literary writing style, it is clear to reveal his use of creativity in combining; comedy and the world of children, the progression of growing up.
There is the tough back to back battle with two characters and in this case with these two novels it it the father and son. It is a constant competition to get their father's attention, although secretly, they fear their father.
LA Storia di Niccolo Ammaniti Michele Amitrano, 9-year-old, main character
Bright, responsible
Takes care of younger sister, Maria
Father, truck driver
constantly impressing father
Southern Italy
Finds Filippo
Fears to speak of the boy, connecting to his father's doings
Faced with ultimate decision of "what is the right thing to do?"
-For example going against his father's wishes when he decides to go back and save Filippo.
Compare &
Contrast Come Dio Commanda Christiano Zena, 13-years-old
Slim, extremely opinionated
Constantly trying to impress his father
Only guardian, Rino Zena
Rino Zena, hard-drinking alcoholic, unemployed father.
When Cristiano finds out his father raimraids an ATM machine, choices that Christiano had to decide became unexpected
Summary Michele has a major responsibility, to make sure he takes care of his younger sister. Unlike Michele, Cristiano doesn't have siblings, instead his responsibility is to do well in school.
-This follows back to Ammaniti's theme of "growing up," apart of which is responsibilities
Michele and Cristiano are alike in terms of relationship with their fathers
For example on page 30, in Non ho paura, Michele talks about his father wanting to arm wrestle with him, instead of his father congratulating him he says, "I don't think you've improved." Compare & Contrast Unlike "I'm Not Scared," with its sense of unease and suspense, this is a dark comedy, shocking in its descriptions of violence and the stupidity of each character's behaviors. .
Cristiano is continuously trying to make his father proud. Even if that means doing something that is completely wrong.
Unlike Michele, Cristiano will do what his father says out of fear.
For example pg 6-7, Cristiano's father enables him to kill a dog only because it won't stop barking. INTRODUCTION References "Ammaniti Niccolò: Biography." Ammaniti Niccolò: Biography. RAI TV, n.d. Web. 11 Dec. 2012.
c.Glenn, Dr Diana. "“The Bogeyman at Your Table”: Niccolò Ammaniti’s Io Non Ho Paura." Book Review 1.3 (2003): n. pag. Print. http://ehlt.flinders.edu.au/deptlang/fulgor/volume1i3/papers/fulgor_v1i3_Book_reviews.htm

LINK http://www.italica.rai.it/scheda.php?scheda=iononho "E' un Ammaniti in stato di grazia quello che, in queste pagine, riesce a felicemente amalgamare la tenerezza e le buffonerie dell'infanzia con l'appalesarsi del dolore e dell'ingiustizia: c'è vera maestria in certi episodi" -F.T. Academic Journal from a Dr. Diana Glenn, at Flinders University wrote,
“In writing this tale, Ammaniti has deliberately chosen to avoid both a comic style and the use of the traditional narrative tense, the Past Historic, in Italian. Instead, he employs the Present Perfect Tense as the main verb form since it the tense most suited to conveying immediacy and the sense of an on-going link with the present. The author maintains that he wanted to achieve an intensely personal experiential narrative akin to a trance-like state; a hypnotic effect bereft of retrospective moral reflections or adult judgments.”
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