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Tae'vion Taylor and ZACH DODD

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Tae'vion Taylor and ZACH DODD

what causes confusion more often fear or facts? What causes confusion more often fear or facts? Facts cause confusion because people think that it is real . transfixed/verb/stands still/the computer is transfixed. intimidated/verb/scared/Jerry got intimidated by the bear. defiant/adj/avoiding someone/the kid was defiant against his teacher idiosyncrasy/noun/the girl has idiosyncrasy menace/noun/dangerous/the boy was a menace to society converging/verb/being with each
other/the people are converging
together PLOT SUMMARY 1.People on Maple Street saw a flash of light overhead and heard a sound of roar. 2.All of Maple Street power went out phones,cars,lawnmowers,house lights,portable radios. 3.Pete Van Horn
leaves to check other
streets. 4.Tommy dosen't want
anyone to leave because
"they" dont want him to.
5.People become suspicious and acuse others of being aliens. 6.People started blaming each other
for the weird things that happened. 7.figure 1 says that if they just
turn off a few machines they
will go crazy and kill each other.
Figure 1 says again that there
are many of other maple steets
and that they will go one by
one destroying them.

LES/frightened/Les was the one who
everybody blamed at first because his
car started by itself.He was also quick to
defend himself.
Tommy/smart/He was smart because
he knew that was all going to happen.He knew about aliens and he knew what they were doing.
Charlie/acuser/Charlie blamed everybody but himself.When everbody blamed him he went crazy. WDYTN? pg.855
Fear causes more
confusion because it scares people more because they don't know what is going to happen. "Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" BY ROD sterling.Elemts of literature.Holt rinehart and winston Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
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