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Copy of Nike Case Study Analysis

No description

David Weeks

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Nike Case Study Analysis

Issue: How will Nike keep their social media campaign from becoming a fad that will die out soon after its born?

Action: Create Nike sponsored accounts on as many social media sites and other digital platforms to have a diverse advertising campaign.

Good Consequence: Will have a safety net in case some sites become outdated or unpopular.

Bad Consequence: This strategy costs more money Issue 3 Issue: Nike will have to “bridge the gap” between social media users and their active lifestyle depicted in their campaign videos

Action: Implement more activities like “The Grid” where people have motivation because of fun or a reward system.

Good Consequence: Motivates more people to get up and actually go exercise

Bad Consequence: People without the proper Nike equipment cannot participate Issue 1 Art of Speed
First social network marketing campaign (2004)
Touch of Gold & Joga.com
Used social networks to highlight a fun and creative approach to soccer and associate it with Nike
Nike +
Wanted to sync iPods with a user’s running data
The Grid
Citywide running game in the streets of London Examples As technology and social media continue to connect people in more ways than ever, Nike is now faced with the opportunity/task to reach more consumers and continue to grow their brand name

Launched nike.com in 1998

After early success on the internet they began to experiment with ways to use the emerging medium to connect with consumers Technology & Social Media Recorded revenues of 20.8 billion in sales in 160 countries
Has over 35,000 employees on six continents
Desires “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete” and considers an athlete to be anyone with a body Background Information Cont. Originally named Blue Ribbon Sports, a running shoe company, by founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman
Changed name to Nike and adopted the swoosh logo in 1972
By 1979 Nike had captured half of the US running shoe market and filed for an IPO in 1980
After rapid growth in the 80’s the company expanded to other sports like basketball, baseball, football, etc.
By the 90’s Nike had become known for it’s innovative and compelling marketing Background Information Nike Case Analysis Nike is leading the sports gear, apparel, and footwear market on soical network.

Nike averages about 50,000 mentions daily on twitter

Almost 13,000,000 Facebook friends Updates Perspectives Issue: Nike is spending more and more digital marketing compared to traditional TV and print ads which leaves their success in the hands of the social communities

Action: Use some of digital marketing budget to improve on other innovative ideas or include more traditional advertisement.

Good Consequence: Possible improvements to products and new technology
Bad Consequence: Revenue lost from taking away ad budgets Issue 2 “The Chance”
Global competition to join the Nike Academy by uploading videos of yourself to facebook
Nike+ Fuelband
Wristband that tracks wearer’s movements throughout the day and gives you a score
Twitter campaign to get people more involved in the online Nike community
Nike+ Kinect
Compete with friends using Xbox Live Examples Cont. by:
Evan Hives, David Weeks,
Josh Atwater, & Andrew Reddick "Nike + allows us to connect the physical world of sport with the social elements of digital to create a better sport experience for every athlete. It's about much more than a shoe. It represents a shift for Nike from product, to product + experiences." - Mark Parker, Nike CEO Strengths
Already one of the world’s most recognizable brands
Has always had innovative advertising strategies Opportunities

Social media sites create a virtually infinite market pool
Making exercising fun to motivate people Weaknesses

Ignores people without access to internet
Nontraditional advertising (digital and social marketing) is very expensive
This leads to much more expensive products Threats

Other cheaper technology that tracks the same info
Other companies also boosting their social media marketing campaigns Social Media Users
Social media advertising creates a fun, interactive, way for Nike to engage the users
Creates a much easier and personal way to engage and motivate social media users to become active and use Nike products
Needs to find a way to catch up to Nike who has been experimenting in digital marketing for years Works Cited http://www.brandrepublic.com/news/1180347/work-club-wins-adidas-social-media-account/
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