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King Arthur

By: Owen Haworth

Owen Haworth

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of King Arthur

King Arthur About King Arthur -King Arthur is the son of King Uther Pedragon and Queen Igraine
-His step sisters are Margaise and Morgana
-Arthur's wife is Guinevere Birth & Death -His birth occurred in the course of a struggle for power and as result of supernatural forces
-Arthur was killed in a battle when he was wounded in the chest by Modred - King Arthur's boyhood tutor was Merlin the wizard

- King Arthur’s nickname as a child was Wart

- The first animal Arthur was turned into by his tutor in order to learn more about life was a fish

- Sir Ector was the foster father of King Arthur

- Arthur's mortal enemy is Sir Modred

- Sir Bedivere was the one to throw away King Arthur's sword into the water upon Arthur's death Fun Facts About King Arthur King Arthur was an Excellent British Leader - Merlin the wizard who raised Arthur in a secret place, put a spell on the sword and put the sword into stone and only one person could pull it out

-This sword was called "Excalibur"

- The person that would pull it out would then become King of England

- Everyone tried to pull the sword out of the rock but no one could

- Arthur was the one to pull the sword out of the stone and he then became King of England

- He was the chosen one to pull it out, no one else could He was the Chosen One King Arthur Slayed the Dragon - He was the only one in his town to slay the scary dragon

- He was an excellent king because he protected his town from the dragon

- He was very brave to fight the dragon and he was determined to succeed

- He got help from Merlin the wizard along the way to defeating the dragon and saving his town

- He was not too old when this happened - He defended against Morderd’s forces

- He was going to fight Launcelot and his men if he had survived.

- He was determined to fight anyone to protect England

- Arthur was determined to defeat Modred which he did but Modred gave him a wound with his sword, later Arthur died

- Arthur got his good friend Bedivere to throw away his sword into the ocean King Arthur Fought for England in the 5th Century AD. Trivia! 1. What is King Arthur most known for? Answer: King Arthur is most known for pulling the sword out of the stone and becoming King of England. 2. What was Arthur's nickname as a child? Answer: King Arthur's nickname was Wart as a child. 3. Who was King Arthur's boyhood tutor? Answer: King Arthur's boyhood tutor was Merlin. Modern Connection Did You Know? - There is a Disney movie on King Arthur called "The Sword in the Stone" - King Arthur appears in a TV show called "The Fairly OddParents" Works Cited - Also, there is a musical called Camelot which is about Arthur and his court - Arthur appears in the movie called Merlin and in this movie Merlin does not appear as an old man. Instead, he is a young gentleman 4. What was the sword called that Arthur pulled out of the stone? Answer: The Sword was called Excalibur. 5. What was the first animal Arthur was turned into by Merlin? Answer: Arthur was first turned into a fish by Merlin to learn more about life. Johnson, Howard D. King Arthur and Dragon. Digital image. The King Arthur Gallery. Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 1982 - 2012. Web. 11 Dec. 2012. <http://www.howarddavidjohnson.com/arthurian.htm>.
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