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Home Building Made Easy webbrief

No description

Heather Groves

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Home Building Made Easy webbrief

Buddies Refugee Support Group Our Goals Our Event Venue: Montegos Catering Theme Timeline Entertainment 'How are we going to do this?' Timeline Conduct secondary research
Develop event idea
Contact stallholders
Contact and meet with Montegos FINAL PLANNING STAGES MAY 10th
Pack up
Collect and compile surveys
Evaluation Implementation and Logistics Increase awareness for Buddies and increase younger and more active members. How are we going to achieve this? What steps do we need to take? Media Relations Marketing Merchandise Traditional Media Human Resources Risk Assessment Fixed and Variable Costs Resources Finances Budget Licenses EVENT PROPOSAL Prepared by: Live music Stalls and markets Performances from local artists A series of short films
(90 minutes) Food is available for purchase at Montegos restaurant and pizza bar Montegos are also offering an outdoor bar were
participants can purchase alcohol with an 18+ wristband A BBQ will also be supplied by Montegos Montegos has exclusive access to a beach front and grassy area where the proposed event is to be held Montegos has a relaxed atmosphere which works with the event's desired audience The venue already has a large client base and is very proactive on social media to promote its events A Film Festival held at Montegos on Kawana Island on the 10th May. Montegoes will be transformed into an outdoor beach cinema complete with market stalls, live music and performances from local refugees. A series of short films will play throughout the night in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Our target audience Pre-event set up: 2pm Event commences: 5:30pm Film showing commences: 7pm Aim for 10pm finish Who are they? What do they think? 1. Create strategic event plan 2. Media Relations campaign 3. Productively engage key stakeholders BUDDIES Buddies Refugee Support is an independent Sunshine Coast community group that advocates for the just treatment for refugees and asylum seekers Buddies offers practical support for refugee and asylum seekers, give public talks and holds a monthly meeting at the Buddies center in Budrium Generation Y - aged 15 -25
Studying - school or university
Medium to high disposable income
Reside on the Sunshine Coast Community minded
Believe in equality for all
Active members of society
High moral and ethical standards
Are more persuaded by opinions of friends and family than media
Value education and the power of knowledge Measuring Success Counting tickets sales to measure attendances

Comparing pre and post event Buddies membership

Surveying patrons post event to evaluate who attended and if there was an attitude change Sunshine Coast Daily
All local free community weeklies
My Weekly Preview
Profile Buddies/Event Facebook page
Montegos Facebook page
visitsunshinecoast.com Sea FM
Mix FM
Hot 91
Sunshine FM USC student email
High School talks
Letterbox drop in Kawana area
Posters and Flyers around campus and other prominent student areas
Barbeque on campus to raise awareness and gather clothes for donations at event New Media Zest Team Montegos Staff Stall Holders Entertainers Volunteers: 2nd + 3rd yeard PR students
student photographer Motegos has covered the licensing for the event Montegos will cover:
Movie Screen
Audio and PA system
Catering Other Resources:
Marquee - Elliot White
Wristbands Potential risks that exist: Bad Weather
Equipment failure
Crowd Management
Underage Drinking
Noise Complaints
Incident Report
Lack of Parking Income OUR PROFIT: Total = $2275 - $2900+ + $600 - $1100 Fixed Costs:
Band: $200 Variable Costs:
Food: $1 p/p Buddies will have their own stall equipped with merchandise: Buddies logo tee shirts
Small token merchandise made by local refugees 1. 500+ attendants present at ‘Buddies Film Fest @ Montegos
2. Measure awareness by increasing the Buddies member base by at least 200 by the event day
3. Increase the number of active Buddies members by 50 by 10th June, 2013
4. Raise $2000 for Buddies through ticket and raffle sales by the end of the event night OUTDOOR CINEMA Live music, outdoor films, market stalls and local entertainment Attracts younger market while still effectively communication the client's key message february march april may EARLY PLANNING STAGES POST EVENT 5:30 - 10pm Day of EVENT!
Zest PR and volunteers needed from 2pm - late Confirm venue and dates for event Meeting with Lindel Greggery Contact entertainment and lock in stallholders Source photographer and films Confirm films and running time Letter box drop Facebook event page Tickets go on sale Campus BBQ and clothes drive Confirm raffle prizes Organise volunteers and jobs for event Friday 10th May, 2013 Heather Groves Denise Missen Elliott White Vivien Trinh Eliza Mason OUR CLIENT Younger families who live in Kawana precienct Medium disposable income Young parents with children under 10 Primary Secondary ON CAMPUS PROMOTION Zest PR will be holding a BBQ and clothes drive on campus to raise awareness and sell tickets for the event.
Clothes will be collected to sell on the night of the event, with all proceeds going to Buddies. Buddies volunteers Media Relations Sammi Langford Expenses
Total = $1660
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