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Kaylee Morales

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Imagination in DI What Is Imagination? You may be a person who prefers to be more realistic so your imagination may be more like becoming an astronaut.
If you're someone who is a bit more up in the clouds you may dream of fighting off giant trolls in Atlantis while riding you trusty unicorn. Bringing Your
Imagination To Life You can make your imaginations reality. For instance, if you dreamed of having a nice big house, with a cool car, and to become an actor. Well you can accomplish all of this. your imagination doesn't have to stay locked up in your mind. If you have a wilder imagination like creating a flying car or hover board, go for it. Why can't your dreams become reality? Your Imagination Is YOURS! No one can tell you that your imagination doesn't make sense. It comes from YOUR imagination. Plus wacky ideas come from your imagination. It's supposed to be your thoughts away from the reality of life. Take the movie "Alice In Wonderland" for example, if you've ever seen the movie you'd understand what I mean. If not all I can say is that she has an absolutely wild imagination. By:Kaylee Morales Imagination Your imagination is your ability to be creative.
It's your fantasies and thoughts.
Those odd, crazy, far-fetched ideas floating around in your head.
Where all of those impossible ideas roam free. That's your imagination Expressing Yourself Through Imagination Students Will Be Able To learn how to use their inner imaginations. Your imagination describes who you are. Describing Your Imagination
(inside a volcano) Imagination is right in the name!
It's a whole program made around
imagination. The whole point is to try to get you to use your imagination and embrace it. In our case we had to use imagination to think of an interesting way to show our scenery. The Possibilities Are Endless
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