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Difference between Rural and Urban Life in Chile

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Elena S

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Difference between Rural and Urban Life in Chile

Urban HOS and Rural life
"No one noticed a little boy of about Blanca's age who was standing there with a runny nose, his naked belly swollen with parasites" (104) City Life in Chile According to the World Bank, in 2011 89% of the people lived in cities.

Numbers Constantly Increasing

People move into the cities searching for job opportunities.

Better quality of life in the sense of,
for example, health and educational
facilities "The fast consisted of soft puff pastries, [...] and enormous cheeses from the countryside, with which each family commemorated the Passion of the Lord, taking every precaution not to touch the least morsel of meat or fish" (2) Country vs City Employment opportunities are spread over a larger variety and influence in the city than in the country.
e.g. Severo del Valle wants to work for the Congress
Tres Marias the people work on jobs such as the harvest.

In the novel, we can see that there is not much worth set on health and religion in the country, while in the city it's the complete opposite.
The del Valle family goes to church every Sunday
Ferula is the one who introduces religion to the women and children in the country.

Santiago is much more developed in the sense of human rights and government/ruling.
Women fight for their rights in the city, while at Tres Marias they don't even try - scared of the men
In Santiago the Congress is elected, while
Esteban works as an absolutist ruler in
the country. Rural Differences Between Rural and Urban Life in Chile by Elena Salsi Bibliography http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.URB.TOTL.IN.ZS Country Life in Chile According to the World bank, approximately 11% of the Chilean population lives in rural areas http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.RUR.TOTL.ZS
Jobs mostly centered in Agriculture
(10.56%) Smaller and simpler infrastructure City life in HOS Employment 20.93 % Commerce, repair services
11.68% Manufactoring
8.20% Construction
5.16% Public Administration Distribution of Occupation in
Chile (2010) http://www.ine.cl/canales/chile_estadistico/mercado_del_trabajo/nene/cifras_trimestrales.php http://economia.terra.cl/noticias/noticia.aspx?idNoticia=200812151000_INV_77694250 http://www.terra.cl/actualidad/especiales/2011/educacion/index.cfm?pagina=notas&id=1718889
"The women listened with embarrassed smiles, for the same reason they prayed with Férula: so as not to displease the patrón's wife. But those inflammatory cries only made them laugh" (106) Woman's rights Medicine is not as advanced/priority as in the city Religion "Férula gathered all the peasant women and children to say the rosary. They came more out of kindness than faith" (105)
"Severo del Valle [...] had political ambitions" (3) Professions of Great Influence Mentality towards Women's Rights "[the slogans Clara] had heard her mother shout when she chained herself to the gates of Congress" (105-106) "[Nivea hoped] that if [Severo del Valle] won a seat in Congress she would finally secure the vote for women, for which she had fought for the past ten years" (3) Great Pressure on Religion Life in the city and the country in Chile are very contrasted in both life and the book. True of False... 89% of the people in Chile live in Rural Areas

Religion is important in the city in HOS

Fighting for women's rights is very common in the country side.

The jobs jobs in the city are mostly in the area of politics

Urban and Rural life are similarl in the book and reality

Jobs in the country are centered in Agriculture Relating to The House of Spirits by Isabel Allende
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