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What is Financial Spread Betting Presented By Stu Whisson

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Stu Whisson

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of What is Financial Spread Betting Presented By Stu Whisson

What is
Financial Spread Betting Quick Facts! Speculating on the market
Can trade up or down
Tax Free in the UK*
Very popular in the UK *Can be tax free in
other countries but
this varies of course
from country to country www.FinancialSpreadBet.com
is First things first.. Benefits straight away.. Trading on virtually any market
Trade using same methods
Profits are all TAX FREE
Financial Spread Betting classed as gambling in the UK and many other countries. The Long and Short of it.. How do Financial Spread Betting companies
make money from you? How the 'Spread' works.. They want you to succeed Benefits everywhere... Trader BEWARE! A Little about me.. Teaching analysis since 2003
More so in Financial Spreads
Massive changes in last 10 years
As popular as Forex in the UK
Not in the USA sorry.. Can't be traded in the USA
Methods & Techniques can be used in other markets - they are cross market compatible
Methods can be used with any derivative
It is a leveraged trading product
It has no intrinsic value of it's own
The underlying is there as a means to gamble on only
Long is a 'Up' trending (Bullish) market
Short is a 'Down' trending (Bearish) market
If you trade long and the market goes down, you lose money on the trade
If you trade short and the market goes up in value, you lose money
Trading long and the market continues to go Bullish, you will make money
Trading short and the market continue to be Bearish, you will make money They do not make money when you lose money
The market is a zero sum game
Your losses pay another that has one
The company makes their money from the 'spread'
They want you to keep trading
The more you trade the more they make
Large trades are hedged in the 'real' markets
They hedge against any potential large loss in the real markets The difference between the 'Buy' & 'Sell'
You only profit when your trade goes above 'Buy' quote when going 'Long'.... or
You only profit when you trade goes below the 'Sell' quote when going 'Short'
This difference, usually just a few points, is where the Financial Spread Betting company make their profits
The trade per point x the spread = their profit per trade The Spread Betting company wants you to succeed
The more successful you are, the longer you trade
The more successful you are, the higher amount you trade per point
They there to help you become successful
They are not there to catch you out Huge amount of positives
Access to wider markets from one account
Tax free profits
Trade virtually identical to the underlying market
Free Training & More Treat all method of trading with respect
This is not a game
You should learn about Technical Analysis
You should learn about the underlying markets you wish to trade in
Open a 'Demo Account' and understand how the methods and techniques and trading platforms work
See how you trade yourself, using a 'Demo Account' before you risk any real money. Free Technical Analysis Training Course
Option of actual 'real' living, breathing support direct from Stu Whisson (that's me)
Early bird access by entering your name and email address
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