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Lauren Heckendorn

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of EPA

Cons Major Cases Conclusion Origins of the EPA Current Day
EPA Major events in the past
that have made the
EPA what it is today Background to the EPA Who is in
charge Administrator Lisa P. Jackson (Jul 1, 2009)
First African-American Administrator
December Lisa Jackson stated that she planned to step down
Gina McCarthy is speculated to take over the position for Obama’s second term By: Carli Chovick, Josh Dean, Lauren Heckendorn, Alex Lee Earth Day
Clean Air Act 1970
Clean Water Act of 1977
Love Canal Disaster
Montreal Protocol Signed by U.S.
Sewage Ocean-dumping Ban Rachel Carson (Silent Spring, 1962)
President Kennedy/Johnson/Nixon added environment to their speeches
Earth Day, 1970
Congress created National Environmental Policy Act
A need to create one autonomous, regulatory agency for enforcement Pros Connection to
Big Business EPA’s illegal
human experiments The Truth of
The EPA intentionally has been exposing dozens, if not hundreds, of human subjects to extraordinarily high levels of air pollutants such as diesel exhaust and fine particulate matter study subjects were health-impaired — suffering from asthma, metabolic syndrome, old age (up to 75 years) or, worse, combinations of those factors. Suggestions regulations inflate the costs of all goods, services, energies and activities Not dealing with major issues like mesothelioma Hundreds of people in the EPA have spent tens of millions of dollars and have advanced their careers by busily drawing up work plans, attending meetings, making proposals, writing reports, giving briefings, conducting studies, and accomplishing nothing continuing need for control over gas emissions has ended up limiting job growth and crippling revenues. Cutting the EPA’s budget down
Obama proposed a 2012 budget cut of $1.6 billion dollars to the EPA, yet the cut is only intended to reduce projects involving public water contamination Clean Air Act 1970
set national air quality, auto emission, and anti-pollution standards
Montreal Protocol - 9/16/1987
first efforts to internationally work towards protecting ozone layer
result: concentration of ozone depletion causing air pollutants has dropped from .133ppm to .083 ppm (from 1987-2010)
Regulate Helps keep drinking water and oceans clean and safe for humans and animals
Clean Water Act - 12/28/1977
created thousands of jobs, aided state and local planning, and encouraged experimentation with new water treatment methods
Keeps sewage, industrial runoff, and agricultural waste out of the water
Love Canal Disaster
Sewage Ocean-Dumping Ban - 11/17/88 WasteWise
promote the use of recycled materials
1,200 organizations currently participating
residents are charged based on amount of trash they discard
incentive to recycle
over 5,000 pay-as-you-throw communities Small Business Compliance Policy - 4/5/2000
promotes environmental compliance among small businesses (100 or fewer employees)
Grants and other federal aid for companies developing new green-technologies
Energy Star program
encourages small businesses to be environmentally responsible as well as individuals Clean Air Results Prevented:
205,000 premature deaths
672,000 cases of chronic bronchitis
21,000 cases of heat disease
843,000 asthma attacks
189,000 cardiovascular hospitalizations
10.4 million lost I.Q. points in children-from lead reductions
18 million child respiratory illnesses Question What year was the clean air act enacted?

a. 1987
b. 1970
a. 1977
c. 1993 Clean Water Slow/Reduce Climate Change Small Businesses Results Energy Star Program has led to the equivalent of 33 million cars being taken off the road and $18 million was saved in utilities. These statistics are for 2010 alone. Question What event led to the EPA being authorized to identify parties responsible for contamination of sites and make the parties have to clean up the sites?

a. Silent Spring
b. Enactment of Clean Water Act - 1977
c. 1986 Earth Day
d. Love Canal Disaster Were not told about the true consequences of the toxins Lawsuit has been issued 1997, EPA has regulated PM 2.5 on the basis that it kills people 2004 EPA determined that there is no safe level of exposure, that any level can kill
EPA Admin Lisa P Jackson testified in Congress in September 2011 “Particulate matter causes premature death. It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should.” She also testified, “If we could reduce particulate matter to levels that are healthy, we would have an identical impact to finding a cure for cancer.” History What is Obama's proposed budget cut about? A. Second hand smoke
B. Greenhouse gas management
C. Public water contamination
D. All of the above Question What is the official name for the chemical the EPA was testing for? A) PM 2.5
B) LH 2.3
C) AL 2.5
D) PM 2.3 Question Provide environmental policy that protects the populous now and into the future.
"Employment Prevention Agency"
Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
Aids in environmental disasters
Current Budget: $8.344 Billion National Environmental
Policy Act Signed into law January 1, 1970 by Nixon
foster and promote general welfare
create and maintain conditions under which man can exist in productive harmony with nature
fulfill the social, economic, and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans
Road improvements, construction, park and forest management Air Regulation 1963, amendments made in '66, '70, '77, '90
Defines EPA's responsibilities for protecting and improving the nation's air quality and stratospheric ozone layer
includes Air Pollution, Emissions, Acid Rain, Permits, and Stratospheric Ozone Protection Clean Air Act Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act aka National Emissions Standards Act
regulates emissions from motor vehicles Clean Water Act Basis in 1948 (Federal Water Pollution Control Act), however not official until 1972 with major revisions
Establishes the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into the waters of the US and regulating quality standards for surface waters
Established water criteria address 29 toxic pollutants with max levels safe for both humans and animals. Land California Desert Protection Act
1994, 2010
Established Joshua Tree, Death Valley, and Mojave Desert as national parks
Focuses on conservation, enhanced recreation, and renewable energies
Protection of California land Endangered Species Endangered Species Act (1973)
Protection of critically imperiled species from extinction
Aids in classification of endangered animals
Lead agencies are US Fish and Wildlife Services and US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service
Some people discredit considering low success rate (<1%) Earth Day
April 22, 1970 Question Which of the following did not directly
lead to the creation of the EPA?
A. Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring"
B. The trash gyre in the Pacific Ocean
C. Earth Day April 22, 1970
D. The fragmented state of
pollution control in the government "Earth Day 1970: A Grassroots Moment that Sparked a Movement" Massachusetts vs EPA Sackett vs EPA Washington Toxics Coalition vs EPA An environmental enforcement agency is neccessary
Remember the 3 R's Question Which animal isn't an endangered species anymore? (Answer All That Apply)
A. Bald Eagle
B. Grizzly Bear
C. CA Southern Otter
D. Gray Whale
E. Red Wolf The mission of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Small Business Programs is to support the protection of human health and the environment by advocating and advancing the business, regulatory, and environmental compliance concerns of small and socio-economically disadvantaged businesses, and minority academic institutions.
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