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Using Google Forms for Assessment

No description

Karen Foster

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of Using Google Forms for Assessment

Using Google Forms for Student Assignments
Creating a New Project
To create a new form (or document, or presentation, etc.) click the red create button on the left hand side of your drive and choose the tool you are looking for.
To Create a Form
Choose FORM from the drop down menu. A new page will pop up prompting you to name your form and choose a background.
The title will be seen at the top of your page and the top of the website when it is completed. Underneath, where it says FORM DESCRIPTION is a good place for directions or information about the form.
Once you create your form, you will be prompted to write a question underneath of the title and the directions.
Sharing a Form
Getting Started
1. Log in in to your Google Account by accessing Google.com and clicking the blue Sign In button or by clicking on the small set of boxes and selecting Google Drive (this will prompt you to sign in.)

Question Types:
Question Type is a drop down menu where you choose the type of question you need. Your “answer” options will change depending on the question you pick. Here are your options.

• Multiple Choice. You can add as many multiple choice options as you need. You will need to type A, B, C, D, before answer choices in order for the letters to appear. Whatever you type in these boxes will appear in your results spreadsheet. If you choose to ADD OTHER, it will allow the student to select the last option and write in answer.
• Text. This allows respondents to type short answers, not much more than a sentence. This is what you use for name, student ID number, email address, etc.
• Paragraph Text. This allows students to type longer answers, good for open-ended questions. Their responses will be in an excel type spreadsheet and would generally not be graded by any software or formatting.
• Checkboxes. This will allow respondents to select as many options from a list as they’d like.

Question Types continued...
• Choose from a list. This will allow respondents to select one option from a drop down menu.
• Date. This will allow students to answer a question with a date by day, month and year. Maybe it’s a history question, maybe you want their birthday or some other date. (You do not need to have students add the date they’re completing the assignment to their form because their answers will be time and date stamped in your response spreadsheet automatically.)
• Time. This will allow students to answer a question in time, or a duration of time.
• Scale. This will allow respondents to rank something along a scale of numbers.
• Grid. This will allow respondents to select a point from a two dimensional grid.

When you are happy with your question, click DONE. To add more questions, click ADD ITEM and follow the same steps as before.

Choosing a colorful background makes it more appealing for the students, and in person makes it easier to see if everyone is on the right page. Also, while the lined paper one is cute, it can be a little irritating to the eye if you have to look at it for too long
Tip on Drive Organization:
Once you log in, you will see your Google Drive. All of your forms, responses to forms, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations will be listed here. It is a good idea to create folders once you start adding multiple files.
Tip on Required Questions:
It’s nice to require all questions because it forces students to attempt each question, which is in their best interests. However, if the test is given under a limited amount of time and the student does not finish, they cannot submit the answers they have already completed. If all questions are not required they could submit the answers they have and then go back and answer the other questions later. (This is still not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.) If you teach students with 504s or IEPs this can be especially important.
Once you select a form and click OK, a blank template will appear for you to begin writing your questions.
Question Title is where your question should go. Google does not auto-number, so if you need numbers you must enter them yourself.

Help text is extra information or further instructions that students might need to answer the question. It will show up smaller and not in bold underneath of the question. You do not have to put anything in this box if you do not want to.

Required Question is up to you. We highly recommend you make name and email address (or however you are identifying your respondents) a required question.
Tip on Choosing a Form:
The first thing you will want to do when your form is done is share the link with whoever needs it. When you click SEND FORM this is what you will see:
The easiest way to share a form is to cut the link in the text box under “Link to share” and then paste that link where students can access it. You can also embed the form on a website that accepts code, or have google send the emails for you by entering all of the email addresses.

Once you have selected your method of sharing your form, just click done and your form is ready to go.
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