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A Background Look into Excel

The history and background of Microsoft Excel

Emily Coll

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of A Background Look into Excel

A background look into Excel Before Excel there was ... VisiCalc :
A visable calculating program created by Dan Bricklen and Bob Frankston Lotus 1-2-3
A program easier for making spreadsheets
It included new feartures like charts and macros.
It was created by Mitch Kapor and Jonathan Sachs Did you know?
Mitch Kapor worked for Visicorp, a company formed by the make rs of VisiCalc, and offered his product to them but he was declined because it wasn't advanced enough? Lotus 123 was and is a huge seller LANPAR
A spreadsheet system that was used for budgeting for telephone companies and GM. Microsoft Excel Did you know?
Before it became "Microsoft Excel,"
it was called Mulitplan and released in 1982.
Microsoft Excel was released
to Macintosh Computers in 1985,
during and after the time other spreadsheet programs were being produced. Then in 1987 Excel took a hold of Windows before Lotus 123 could, setting the path to its reign as the best-selling program. Before Excel became the big-seller, Lotus 123 was the best selling spreadsheet program at the time. It was even easier to use
than other new spreadsheet programs. Since it's first release
it has come out with at least 10 new versions. It had new additions like graphical interface,
which allows you to do more than just enter text. Did you know?
Another new program was named Excel also and Microsoft agreed to go by "Microsoft Excel," until a few years later when they bought the trademark of the name from the other company. There are many other spreadsheet programs ...

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