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Amancio Ortega

No description

Moni Matyó

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Amancio Ortega

Monika Matyo
Business and the Entrepreneur BHS0011 Amancio Ortega Thank you for attention Bibliography Thank you for attention Born 1936 1975 The first Zara shop in Spain Zara Timeline Founder of Zara Amancio Childhood Timeline Known as Born in Leon, Spain Growing up in poverty Father - Railroad worker Mother - Housemaid Never attended any higher education Delivery boy in textile company The founder of ZARA Ex-President of Inditex Group "Publicist's nightmare" What all entrepreneurs have in common Do what you enjoy If you don't enjoy what you are doing, chances you will not succeed are higher. Take what you do seriously You cannot expect to be effective and successful in business unless you truly believe in your business and in the goods and services that you sell. Plan everything Planning every aspect of your business is not only a must, but also builds habits that every business owner should develop, implement, and maintain. Limit the number of hats you wear Most highly successful entrepreneurs will tell you that from the time they started out, they knew what they were good at and what tasks to delegate to others. Only one picture in circulation until 1999 1963 The begin of career as a shirt maker 1975 Ortega opens the firs Zara store in his local town of La Coruña 1976-1984 Zara extends its network of stores to major Spanish cities. 1988 Zara goes international, to Oporto, then New York an Paris 1985 Inditex is founded as the holding company of the group of businesses operating at the time. 1988-2012 Inditex (Zara) expands further to the Europe, Mexico, China and Africa http://www.businessinsider.com/spanish-billionaire-amancio-ortega-zara-2013-1?op=1#ixzz2MWZGCu6E http://inditex.com/en/who_we_are/timeline "Invisible billionaire" Workaholic Never wears a tie Dines in company cafeteria http://inditex.com/en/who_we_are/concepts/zara Zara in numbers 2011 Ortega stepped down as a chairman of Inditex Zara Minimal advertising Production close to markets Quick adjusting to fashion trends 'copying' other designer’s looks Leading fast fashion retailer Vertically integrated business model 1721 stores in 87 countries 2 weeks to develop new product 10 000 new designs each year New models twice a week http://www.inditex.com/en/shareholders_and_investors/investor_relations/annual_reports INDITEX Diversify its retail Brands operate independently Own stores, ordering system, warehousing and distribution system, subcontractors, and organizational structure. Share of commitment to supply, fashion at affordable price, total control over supply chain in order to maximize speed of market
Similarity http://www.123helpme.com/view.asp?id=97642 http://www.scribd.com/doc/20559313/Case-Study-Zara Leader
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