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The Virginia And Delaware Colonies

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Laura Flanagan

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of The Virginia And Delaware Colonies

The Virginia And Delaware Colonies
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Virginia Was Founded By:
Delaware Was flatland with an atlantic costal plain. the southern boundary is swap land for over 30,000 acers with very fertile soil. virginia is also like delaware but has hilly coastal plains, forsets, and long rivers.
Virginia and DElaware are breadbasket colonies. They gRow a lot of crops ecpcially wheat. The wheat was turned to flour and shipped to England. a typical farm was 50-150 Acres with a house, a barn and a field.
It was not dominated by spefic religons wich gave freedom to the quakers, catholcs, lutherns, and jewish.
Delaware Was Founded By:
john smith was a new england adrimail, solider, expoler, and author. His parents were george smith and alice smith. he founded virginia in 1607
Delaware was founded by peter minuit in 1638.Peter was born in wesel,germany in 1580.He was dutch and amercain. delaware was also founded by a swedish company.
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