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Rio Muisne Mangroves Wildlife refuge

No description

carolina narvaez

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Rio Muisne Mangroves Wildlife refuge

Problem When it was established as a protected area? Eighty-five percent of mangroves have been lost because there abandoned shrimp ponds that destroy mangroves
Since 2003, FUNDECOL has been operating a project to raise shellfish in abandoned shrimp pools. science proyect Muise River Mangroves
Wildlife Refuge. The Muise River Estuary Mangrove Wildlife Refuge is located in the south of Esmeraldas Province in Ecuador location The Reserve is hot and humid year-round, with average temperatures of 25°C. Flora and Fauna fLORA:
It has one of the most important areas of mangroves in the country, including six species of mangrove: Mangrove turkey, red mangrove, white mangrove, black mangrove, mangrove piñuelo, and button mangrove born.
25 are mammals, 70 birds, 95 fish, 35 mollusks and 28 crustaceans Was established as a protected area on April 30, 2003 Why was established as a protected area? Because it has a lot of flora and fauna.
Exploitation of mangrove.
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