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No description

Harley Little

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Makeup

Makeup Artist

Needed to Achieve
This Occupation

Taking makeup programs offered by companies such as MAC
Esthetician or Cometology training/certificate
Multiple internships
A makeup artist is someone who can apply their skills in a lot of different areas such as television, film, magazines, theater and even as a personal artist. They can also work in retail stores such as Sephora and MAC.
I chose this career because...
A lot of opportunities to travel around the world.
Always have been interested in behind the scenes of big events.
Aren't limited to doing only one thing.
Get to work with different people.
Income For Makeup Artists:
In the makeup industry, there are a lot of different areas to work in so incomes vary.
TV and motion pictures: over $88,000 a year
Theater and preforming arts: $61,000 a year
Fashion: over $100,000 a year
Overall, the estimated income for an average makeup artist in the United States is $64,000 a year and $34.00 an hour.

Sources: www.ehow.com www.faceitpromakeup.com www.maccosmetics.com
Sources: www.work.chron.com
Academy Awards for Makeup
Rick Baker
has the most awards for makeup with a total of 7 for movies like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Men in Black. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too.
Greg Cannom has the second most awards with a total of 3 for movies like Mrs.Doubtfire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
Sources: www.whowonwhen.com
What Classes Needed to Become a Makeup Artist:
Because makeup classes usually aren't offered in high school, it is hard to take classes that directly apply to it, so fashion and makeup colleges typically look at the student's overall preformance in high school.
Sources: www.makeupgeek.com www.beautyschooldirectory.com
Any cometology or fashion electives offered.
Helping with any preformances or theater
When being a makeup artist, there are many different areas you could be working in, so there is never a "for sure" work schedule. There are a lot of things people need to be aware of such as...
Schedule for a Makeup Artist
You might not work for days, weeks, or months.
Working on a movie or in theater means you could be working 12 to 16 hours for six days a week. This could be during the day or night.
Working on a TV series means you'll work for around 70 hours a week. The only break you get will be your "turn-around" which is usually 9 hours and then you have to be back to set.
You might have to travel frequently. The locations you are sent to might be remote and away from your family or friends.
Sources: www.makeupmag.com
By:Harley Little
Makeup artists must also learn how to apply makeup for runaway shows, theatrical and indoor and outdoor events.
Skills Need to be a Makeup Artist
Applying Makeup:
Before Makeup:
Client's skin type, condition, color and sensitivity
Client's bone structure
Applying foundation, brow line, lip color and eyeshadow
Cleaning, toning, moisturizing techniques
Sources: work.chron.com
High school diploma or GED
Licensing which requires passing a test or 1,000 hours of education
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