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Tracing the many facets of the meat industry between the Civil War and the turn of the century.

Julie Patterson

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of MEAT.

MEAT From Texas to Chicago to New York: A Biography Cattle in Texas Home to the "open range" Cattle drives Northward Cowboys & Indians Influence of Railroads Companies competed for lines into Texas Death of cattle drives The Iron Horse Connected Texas to Chicago Chicago to the East East to the West Chicago as a Terminal Market Westward expansion of railroads Civil War blockade of Mississippi River Influx of packers and livestock Packingtown The Industry Unions Working Conditions Abuse and Reform Business began to boom by middle of latter half of 19th century
Consolidation Technology Consumer demand Came to dominate Chicago economy Value of product rose Size of work force expanded long hours hard labor no protection Labor organizers strikebreakers Samuel Gompers and the AFL 8-hour work day wage raises Upton Sinclair and the Jungle Jane Addams and Hull House Neill-Reynolds Report and the Meat Inspection Act Distribution Ice and Refrigeration "Classing" of meat Expanded the market for perishable goods Increase in food supply Allowed meat production to continue year-round Lowered cost of shipping butchered meat Type of cut or form of meat reflected social status New York City steak vs. bone stew Recycling of meat Other goods made from the animal Thanks, Come Again!
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