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No description

Grace Massey

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Locations

The main location of our trailer will be filmed in the woods
The holographic lighting will be a problem while filming
Filming in the kitchen
Tytherington woods
Lighting in the woods
Why is the woods the perfect location for a horror trailer?
Problems with lighting
Filming in the house
A possible problem that could occur while filming in the woods is the lighting. It gets very dark towards night. We want a dull and dark lighting for the trailer so we will have to plan when it is a good time to film with the right lighting. We want to create a scary and frightening atmosphere so we will need to film when the lighting is slightly dark but not too dark so the action taking place can still be seen.
We are going to use this location because it fits well with our genre and plot. The woods has a scary atmosphere and it's a good place to film our character running away from the 'unknown' character.
We will have to use the portable lighting kit to make the lighting appear natural and not as harsh. The lighting kit will be helpful as we will be able to make the lighting exactly how we want it.
A concern we have about filming in the kitchen is the holographic lighting. These lights will make our actress look unnatural and the lighting won't appear natural. Another potential issue is the reflective surfaces, we will need to use a light softener to try and avoid any unwanted reflections.
This is my kitchen where we are going to be filming the beginning of our trailer, we are using the kitchen because again this reflects normality for April which is soon to be to be disrupted by the events that take place in the film. The use of a familiar setting plays with the idea of the film being the audiences nightmare.

We are going to film quite a few scenes in Emma's house, this will again reflect normality in Aprils life, which will soon be disrupted by the unknown character. Through the recce we have realised that we will have to be careful where we position the camera so we don't get any unwanted background images, we will also need to remove plants, picture frames, cables etc so they don't appear in any of our shots.
Locations include; the bedroom, hallway and the lounge
The bedroom
This is Emma's bedroom where we are going to film a few scenes for our trailer. We are filming here because it reflects real day to day life as the films based around a true story. We are also filming here because one of our shots shows the main character in the bed and waking up to a surprise from the unknown character, as it will be filmed in the bedroom it will create a frightening atmosphere and create a nightmare for the audience which is what the horror genre portrays. It also conveys the unknown character getting into the audiences heads as they see some action unraveling in the bedroom

Why we will film here...
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