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Project Management - Channel Tunnel

Final Presentation

Michael Sunur

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Project Management - Channel Tunnel

Business Project Management
The Euro Tunnel Project

Group 1 Group Member PHAM HAI SON VU 42533058
ALAN CHIN 42755026
KEVIN CHAN 40183742
ISHTIAQ AHMED CHOWDHURY 42673518 Euro Tunnel Project History
Third Attemp Overview and PLC
Operation Now
Problem of The Project
Recommendation and Solution History of Uero Tunnel 1802 France - Russia War First Idea of Euro Tunnel proposed by Albert Matheiu Project was abandoned Early 70's Second Serious Attempt Started to Work 1979 Development of the Tunnel back to the agenda 1987 - 1994 Third Attemp Begun Constraint Staff and Technology Scope Third Attempt Overview
twin - bore train tunnel
two terminal, built shuttle for passenger and freight
incland clrearance depot Objectives
Complete on May 1993 Deadline
4.3 Billion Budget - The tunnel need to be build from
two different location (English & France)
- The construction was really complex and need many
of workers
- Costly without any guarantee of success Staff Technology approximately 13000 workers, including engineers and technicians - power supply
- signalling
- track system Location - 50.5 km undersea
- Folkestone (UK) and Coquelles (France) Depth (under sea)——75 metres (250 ft) deep
Length (under sea)—— 37.9 kilometres (23.5 mi) Project Initiating Project Planning Project Executing Project Closing Operation Now Passenger Transported Services offered by the tunnel are:
- Eurotunnel Shuttle (formerly Le Shuttle)
roll-on roll-off shuttle service for
road vehicles
- Eurostar passenger trains
- Through freight trains Freight Transported Evaluation The project was done in 1994 but from point of view of project management it is a project failure Cost Time Problem of Third Attempt 19 Month Late
Schedule: 1987 - May 1993
Actual: 1987 - December 1994 Over Budget: around 3 billion Dollars
Plan: 4.3 Billion Dollars
Actual: 7.1 Billion Dollars Causes Communication: 2 Countries, UK and France work from 2 sides 1 2 Scope Changes:
doors change from 600mm -> 700mm with late approval
Need Air Conditional System 3 Finance:
the project was not financed by government, but by 220 banks’ loan 4 Management:
there was not enough research for risk management 5 Agreement:
Governments took long time to approve proposals. In order to finance such a large project, lenders clarified whether their loans were being exposed to business or economic risks. Therefore, they initially analyzed whether the project was technically feasible, economically viable and would be efficiently creditworthy in terms to identify risks related to the project. After analyzing the three viabilities, they identified all the significant risks and then allocate them among the parties who were willing to bear them at the lowest ultimate cost to the project. RISK MANAGEMENT After identifying the risks:
They can either eliminate the risk or minimize them wherever possible.
They can use the transference of risk to the third party (insurance, hedging and contracting).
Or accept the risks, which is generally a viable strategy but then need to monitor them closely to formulate appropriate response if the risk does materialize. Initiation and Planning as the foundation of each project needed to be prepared carefully
Do meeting regularly and talk carefully about the scope
Evaluate every step and solve problem as soon as possible
Make a contingency plan
Assess risk impact carefully in the initiation phase Both UK and France should:
made a written agreement due to the bureaucracy process.
Have a representative on both sides
Do Regular meeting Recommendation & Solution Conclusions Although there are many problems happened during the phase project have already done and operated

Quality of management system of Channel Tunnel was bad

It can be learned that wrong management in the beginning can lead to the worse problem in the end. Presentation Project Define Phase Goals: complete the presentation before due date
presentation by powerpoint and prezi
20 minutes
Presentation date: Wed 31/10/2012
Tasks & Responsibility Planning Phase Schedules
Staff Risk Management Team member is too sick to do the task
Probability: not very likely
Impact: Low
Action: allocate at least 2 members for one task Risk Management Lose presentation file
Probability: Likely
Impact: High
Action: upload file on Internet during the project time (reduce probability) Risk Management Transportation has problem on presentation day
Probability: very unlikely
Impact: Severe
Action: Come 2 hours earlier (reduce probability) Executing and Controlling Status report
Forecast Closing Phase Send the document to lecturer Evaluation Lesson Learned The project was a successful project

Project Management is a good lessons for us.

There are some problem in the middle, but we are able to solve it.

We will recommend this subject to other fellow student. Initiation and planning phase is really important part
of every project.
Maintaining communication during the project can improve
the quality of the result
On every project, risk must be exists and contingency plan
is needed Thank You
Any Question ? Project Life Cycle
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