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Figurative Language

No description

Danae Rivers

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Figurative Language

Hyperbole~ She is not going to actually spend forever wondering about him but feels like that 'cause she was enchanted to meet him.
Figurative Language
"Enchanted" By Taylor Swift
"Walls of insincerity."
Metaphor~Comparing to a wall that's holding back her true thoughts.
"This is me praying that this was the first page not where the story line ends"
Metaphor~She is comparing this moment to a book, she wants it to be the beginning not the end.
"Your eyes whispered,"Have we met?"
"My thoughts will echo your name until i see you again. These are the words I held back as i was leaving too soon."
Personification~ She makes her thoughts come to life because when she thinks about him a lot her thoughts "echo".
Personification~Making her eyes come to life as if they could talk.
"Counter all your quick remarks like passing notes in secrecy."
Simile~ because its comparing quick remarks to passing notes, using "like".
"I'll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you"
"Across the room your silhouette
starts to make its way to me"
Imagery~Because she describes how the person looks like as they walk up to her.
Figurative Language
By: Danae Rivers
English 8-7
February 5, 2014
Metaphor~ Comparing two unlike things while not using like or as.
Simile~ Comparing two unlike things using like or as.
Personification~ Giving human characteristics to in animate objects
Hyperbole~ An exaggeration so dramatic that no one would believe it was true.
Imagery~The formation of mental images, figures, or likenesses of things, or of such images collectively:.
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