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Sweet Potato Experiment

No description

Kim Terenzi

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Sweet Potato Experiment

watch me grow!
In our experiment we tested IAA,
which is to promote root growth.
Potato 1 had 2 drops IAA+ H20
Potato 2 had 5 drops IAA+ H20
Potato 3 had 10 drops IAA + H20
When choosing what variable to test, we
chose IAA because we wanted to see ... Hypothesis: The higher the concentration will promote a more abundant root growth. Methods: As stated before each potato had a certain number of drops. 2, 5 and 10.

Root quantity
Root legth
Suprising to us.
The first two weeks we did not have any growth besides root hair.
The third week +2 had one stem,+5 and +10 were moldy
By week 5 we had 4 stems on +2 potato, +1- went in the garbage due to mold.
Week 8 the longest stem was 85mm.

Definatley not what we expected.
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