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No description

Lenin Aburto

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Pokemon!

Pokemon Catch Rate!! Each species of pokemon
has it's own Catch rate For instance the catch rate of
A Pikachu Would differ from
A Kangaskhan wild pokemon Catch rate maximum = 255 Game uses a Formula based on
When a pokeball is thrown Initial catch rates varie Rare pokemon low Catch rates Commenly found pokemon A pokemon with this catch rate or higher
would be the easiest to catch Maximum Hp or health points It's Current Hp The catch rate of the pokemon All if any status ailments And
The type of pokeball used
to caputer said pokemon
labeled "Bonus ball" The Pokemons: - - - - - This formula
is used to determine
how the catch rate has increased Note; "a" in formula is the final catch rate number
which can increase to higher then 255
The higher the catch rate
higher success in catching
the wild pokemon. A catch rate determines
how likely you are to catch
a certain pokemon Species high catch rates rarity however is an indepedent factor
catch rate = 255 a rare pokemonm Thank you
for listening ! Source: http://www.Bulbapedia.net Pikachu initial catch rate = 190 Kangaskhan initial catch rate = 45
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