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Immersion 4

No description

Vitaliy Zakharov

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Immersion 4

"GreenAds” advertising agency changing local small businesses and consumer’s behavior to use more efficient and green advertisement strategies MISSION : Green ad- here and now MBA Team 4 SUSTAINABILITY Business environment before environment Business now CONTENT: introduction
Current Market state
establishing a company
risks market research introduction Food Retail and shopping computer and IT chemical industries builders and real-estate Political Economic Social Technology interest in green growth -
enveronment protection support
(Tidal power, Nuclear power) • GDP per capita > $20,000.
• Interest rate growth: 2.0%
• Inflation rate growth:
2.8 % (2009)
4.7% (2008)
Environmental Awareness Median age: 37.3 years R&D activity- 3.37% of GDP Technology incentives Small profit, large sale volume
Good effective ad. strategy
Ads spread widely
Low cost
Small Business Behavior: Cool and cute
Hate wait
Pop star crazy
Cheap but good quality Consumer's Behavior: Paper handouts Not efficient
paper waste THE IDEA Establishing Consulting advertising
agency “GreenAds”
objectives & strategies location local outdoor and indoor shopping areas
considering Shinne example

Office Locally at each market place
One headquarter Human resource Among others: IT, OM and marketing specialists Machinery and equipment There is no need in that
All technical solutions are oursourced Financial resources LTD type of company
Municipality support R E S O U R S S E Municipality advisors
External legal, technological advisors
Advisors: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats • The easy advertising
• Saving customer’s efforts on advertising
• Sustainable advertising process
• Dependable on suppliers and customers
• Weak during start up stage
• Budgeting complexity
• Initiation of green technology using for small business
• Creating efficient advertising
• Cost effectiveness in advertising for small business
• Cost of outsourcing work, the information systems, renting, electricity, labor, etc
• Dominant Cultural and reluctant behavior
• Future uncertainty Prices comparison
Strong relationships with suppliers
Stable business grow Get rid of paper advertisement
Take advertising centralization role Pricing strategy : ‘Cutting Costs’: P = Coi + Coe Government help
Advanced Marketing
Advanced OM Suppliers Competitors 1) Advanced market research
2) Respect supplier’s efforts
3) Personal contact preference
4) Keeping in touch
1) Entrance barriers
2) Advanced CRM
3) supporting by local government
Changing behavior strategies 1. Community campaign
2. Government laws
3. Media awareness
4. Social activists movement
5. Encouraging strategies
1. Promoting and competition
2. Down fall in the current status
3. Difference in strategy planning On consumers: Additional for small business: Technological SOLUTIONS Preference to young MBA specialists LCD, LED LED:
Durable , saving energy, long life, commonly spread technology
Don't require special disposal
LED panels to be put on the floor LCD:
Up to 5 years life
Thin, flat electronic visual display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals (LCs).
May be used in touchscreen solutions. Display kiosks Projection Systems Functions:
Booking (reserving) services
Buying tickets, discount coupons, smart cards, etc.
Participate in special promotion programs
Web-site integration Main supplier is China.
Cost $500 - 2000 Consist of hardware/software HIGH COST INFORMATIVE INTERACTIVE Should BE connected to Internet
Available in Korea
Cost $500-2000 GPS Ads in taxi GPS mapping software
“Points of Interest”
Cost $120 per year
Mobile outdoor advertising Versatile and cost-effective.
Weekends using
It is available due to its simplicity
Cost - $200 per month
Some non-technological solutions Focus on promotion
Partner strategy
etc Some risks Unemployment in local community
Over crowding at particular market place
Downfall due to getting rid of flyers
Ignorance (they don’t know how to use tech)
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