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No description

Ang Gomez

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Utopia

One boat for transportation out of the island Paradise Island Laws Technology Employment EDUCATION All subjects taught
Hours 10-4:30
Ages 5-18 in school
Lunches able to eat
Teaches must be well taught
Nobody fails Transportation NO Drugs
NO Judging/Bullying
NO Weapons
Everybody has to work 5 days a week.
Education is Mandatory for children 5-18.
NO stealing.
NO vandalizing
All children have to be in there house by 8:30 p.m.
NO Racism/stereotyping
You can not "Drive" until the age of 7. Only bikes Environment/Climate Fall, Summer, and Spring seasons Since it's an island, there is rain, but no snow since there are no cars and only bikes. Everybody has to do at least 30 minuites of exercise each day. Also, to get this job, you you have to apply and then take a test. Whoever gets the highest grade on the test, gets the job, and they get trained by previous workers. RECREATION 7 Hours a week,1 hour a day
Get up-7:00
School/work 8:00-10:00
REC time 1-4:00 or 6-8
Bed 9-10
No government
Swimming,Baseball,Softball Weightlifting Every household may have one pet. Money; If we work fewer hours a week and don't have enough work hours to buy food for numerous pets, They'll die. Everyone gets two trips only out of the island unless there is an emergency. We don't have money.
For every hour of work we are able to get something that we need. If we are going to live in a perfect world, there obviously aren't going to be drugs. So if you are caught doing them, it's jail time. We have no jail though on this island. So, what we do, is punish you by sending you to a different prison out of the Island for around 9-13 months. Sports instructors/ fitness people, teachers, farmers, doctors/nurses, police officers. Maybe Bullying is okay in other countries, but it's defiantly not in ours. As I'm sure, everybody has been bullied before, and we all know it's not a good feeling. Nobody wants to be judged or bullied. Therefore, If you do bully or judge ANYBODY or ANYTHING, everybody in the community has to write five things that they hate about the person you are. This way, you can have the feeling of how it feels to be bullied or judged like you were bullying or judging. Everybody has to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Anganese Gomez
Rillea Sweet
Marcela Rivenburg TO INFINITY AND BEYOND Kids need an education so we need teachers to give it to them NO INTERNET
NO SOCIAL NETWORKS, WE ONLY HAVE CERTAIN WEBSITES In our country, America, many people make big deals about how we aren't allowed to have weapons to protect ourselves. But think about it, in a perfect world there should be no weapons. Therefore, if nobody owns a weapon, then why would we need one to protect ourselves? Also, we have NO weapon shops. so people really have no way of getting weapons, considering we're on an island. So if somebody ends up having a weapon with them, they would've had to have somebody from another place send a weapon to them, and that's not safe for the community at all, since nobody else has weapons to protect themselves. So if somebody is caught with a weapon, they are immediately kicked out of Paradise Island. They grow and keep crops shared in case something bad happens to the town. If anyone get hurt or sick, we have a doctor to help. It's not really a huge deal if you don't work five days a week. The only thing is, you get paid with supplies for your family and house by the amount of time a week you work. If you're not at work, that's just less things for you're family and household that you may need. Everybody Has to go to school for this long. There really is no if ands or buts about it. Therefore, you really can't break this law. If anybody breaks the laws we have a policeman to handle it. If you steal, then the community gets to take one valuable thing away from you. Why? Because Paradise Island is about fairness. If you do something to somebody else, you get the same thing done to you. Everybody applies for the job they want, then they take a test and who ever gets the highest score gets the job. They are trained by previous workers. This is how all jobs are chosen. Family You can have as many kids as you want.
Every family must have dinner together
Every family lives in a big house.
You have to stay married, no divorce.
Moms make the rules, dads work. Housing everyone has a big house on a beach.
Every house is different.
We are designing it that way because we wan to.
Fair, equal, fun, nice, and quiet neighborhood.
Everybody has dogs.
People have a bbq every Saturday night.
Government Our Utopia has no ruler.
Ang makes the laws. If they are not followed, they will have to leave.
We won't let Ang rule so everybody gets along.
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