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Robin Williams

No description

Tyauna Bunzy

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Robin Williams


Robin Williams was born July 21st 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.
He died August11th,2014 in Paradise Cay in California.
Children : Zelda Rae William, Zachary William, and Cody Alan William.
His Awards and Accomplishments
Robin McLauren Williams was a funny extrodinary, unique american actor.
He has won 1 Academy Award , 2 Emmys, 6 Golden Globes, 5 Grammys, and 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards.
A Video Of Aladdin and Night of the Museum
Robin Williams
Why he influences Me.
Robin influences me because he never gave up on his dreams of being a comedian or being a actor. He also never stopped what he was doing for over a decade. And in every movie he played in, he was always funny no matter what. So when I heard that he commited suicide I was devastated and wondering why then I soon found out why which is.....
Movies that he starred in.
Aladdin , Popeye, Night In The Museum, And Mrs. Doubtfire , One Hour Photo, The Bird Cage. And many other great and funny and incredible movies.
Robin Williams
July 21st 1951- August 11Th 2014
Funny, great and a wonderful actor/comedian.
His Condition
His condition was severe he was battling depression along with a drug and alcoholic problem this caused him to commit suicide. But he never let his addiction affect his stand up and acting career.

Robin was born at St. Lukes Hospital. When he was growing up he wanted to become a comedian because everybody thought he was hilarious, so during his years in Claremont Mens College in California to study political science but later he dropped out as a young adult to pursue his comedian dream
I found my work on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Williams, I also had some extra help from my mother and my grandmother and I used google images for my pictures of Robin, and I used Youtube for my 2 videos
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