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You and the School Library

No description

Annike Dase

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of You and the School Library

Making the most of the School Library
Me: School librarian
You: Teacher
supporting everyone who works in school libraries through

- training
- publications
- advice
- advocacy and partnerships

Online resources: www.sla.org

Supporting Literacy Development and Reading for Pleasure
multiple literacies:

'traditional' literacies: reading, writing, speaking

information literacy

emotional literacy

Different qualifications (many librarians have postgrad degrees and/or are chartered)
Different knowledge and experience
Different status in school
Different relationship with pupils

But we have the same goal!
Supported through
- differentiated resources in multiple formats
- reading initiatives
- individual support
- reading help and advice
- generating enthusiasm for literature
- book clubs
- Author/illustrator/storyteller visits

Reading initiatives
World Book Day
Guess Who's Coming for Dinner
Dress Up
Murder in the Library
Reading schemes and awards
Poetry Week
etc etc etc etc etc

Supported through
- wide range of appropriate curriculum-linked information books
- subscription to online databases
- lessons and materials in research skills, avoiding plagiarism, referencing
- homework clubs
- hands-on help and advice when needed

Supported through
- providing a calm, inclusive and safe environment
- creating opportunities for pupil involvement (library helpers)
- building trust relationships
NOT through providing an exclusion unit!!
Regular reading lessons

- Discussing books, characters, plots, genres
- Acting out a scene
- Writing another chapter
- Creating a new cover
- Reading aloud
- Exploring other media

Research lessons

- research planning
- information retrieval
- information assessment
- project writing
- self-evaluation
- creating independent and critical learners
- creating lifelong readers
NOT sitting silently in a corner and pretending to read!
All lessons:

- co-plan and deliver with the librarian
- allows group work, planning, assessment, development, target setting
- document development and report to SLT
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