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IPCO - Week 4 Assignment

Communication Pet Peeves

Kim Samocki

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of IPCO - Week 4 Assignment

Interpersonal Communication Pet Peeves Step 1: Review Reflect and Relate this is where you describe your 2 communication "crimes" using 2 different concepts you found relevant or interesting this month Step 2:
Self Reflection now describe your 2 crimes in terms of what you learned this month; which class concepts apply? provide solutions here Step 3:
Reflect on Others this is where you describe the 2 communication crimes that others commit (apply 2 different concepts from the text) now describe their crimes in terms of what you learned this month; which class concepts apply? provide solutions for dealing with this person and their communication problems and be sure to draw from the course text Create Have Fun! perhaps you are a selective listener and you sometimes communicate in an inappropriate manner 1st example: "I am guilty of being a selective listener when I am not interested in the topic. About a month ago my mom was trying to explain...and I..." for example: "I need to pay attention and listen with empathy. Next time I feel the urge to 'tune out' I will..." perhaps this person's communication is affected by low self-esteem For example: "Negative self-esteem impacts the way they communicate with others. I have a friend who constantly engages in social comparison. As a result his/her communication... One time..." explain what you can do to help them improve they way that they communicate Be sure to support your ideas with clear, specific personal examples! To turn in this assignment, copy and paste the url for your Prezi in the submission box on FSO. If you have technical problems,paste the url into a Word document and upload that directly to FSO. Under the “share” button there will be a link provided to share your Prezi and you should use that link. Close your assignment with a paragraph or more of reflection; what are you taking away from your experience in Interpersonal Communication this month?
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