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umair sajjad

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of TWININGS TEA

TWININGS TEA INTRODUCTION Plan is to market twinings tes at high level.

Main focus will be on 4 flavours.

2.English breakfast
3.Green tea.
4.Leamon twist. Manufacture tea,coffee,and other hot beverages.
Broad variety of flavours.
3-4 will be comercialized for ISB
Grey market Twinings is an English marketer of tea based in Andover,Hampshine
Brand is owned by associated British Foods.
World's oldest company logo.
London longest standing ratepayer. CHAI ENGLISH BREAKFAST. LEAMON TWIST GREEN TEA MISSION VISION VALUES Health and taste diversity, product improvement. To be no.1 choice of tea for working class. Sustain the confidence and satisfaction of the customer.
Serve with excellence at a comparable price.
Focus on quality,aroma and taste
Maintain the characteristic in running the organization : professionalism and ethical. MARKETING OBJECTIVE Competing for share of mind and wallet Capability to boast about producing the highest quality tea.

Consumption benefit instead of disadvantages.
1. tasteful

Providing the new blend of flavors every time.

We change higher for providing the best tea. LEVEL OF MARKETING PERFORMANCE Anticipating Marketing Referring to catering for a market not yet discovered but for which a need exists.
No one can foresee about product.
Big market exist for twining tea.
New flavors are uncertain to judge about costomer perception.
Challenging moderate to high risk in order to get bigger market share in the industry. 1. Product benefits:
unique taste with different flavors.

2. Service benefits:
costomers complain service and voting right for flavours to launch.

3. Relationship benefits:
gifts for bulk buyers.
on occasins launch differnt offers e.g gift hampers,discount service.
regular competition on social networking help to earn gifts.
4. Image benefits:
Excective class elegant drink. PERCEIVED BENEFIT - PERCEIVED SACRIFICE = COSTOMER VALUE Monetry cost:
only sale price. 200PRK
no running cost
no resale value

Time cost:
easy to accqire.
easy to made.
disposing requires no time.

Energy cost:
consumption requires no effort.

Psychological costs:
switching cost. CUSTOMER VALUE DIMENSION AND DISCIPLINE: Specialization in Customer Values Discipline Twining tea offers Operation excellence at "Functional Value"
NO change due to competitors.
Unique blends of tea to satisfy their taste-buds along with effective healthy measures.
Also move to exceeding customer expectations every time which result in delightful.
We develop what we promise.
Customer are more of supporters for us. SWOT ANALYSIS WEAKNESSES OPPURTUNITIES STRENGTHS Different flavors offer to costomer can extend product life cycle.
Does not have specific suppliers.
Remain fresh up to 3 years.
Not a complimentry product.
Good position in eyes of tea suppliers.
Enviroment friendly.
positive position in eyes of media, government and even NGO´s due to enviroment friendly. Strengths Weakness Opportunities following making it niche product:
1. No cater for affordability of the masses.(higher prices)
2.Different blend of flavor (both light and strong)

Competetors in the industry offering strong tea while twining is dealing with light taste. Market increases day by day.
Health conciousness in public forced them towards twinings as it is produer of healty tea.
Due to high standard it attract not only toward tea product but also towards gift boxes from the company examples.gift hampers etc THREATS Mostly working class consume tea due youngster coming towards working population tries to eliminate the trend of tea.

They are changing trend of tea with coffee,hot chocolate which shrinks the market. Threats PESTEL ANALYSIS Political and legal factors: Political and legal factor political instability lead to change in laws and order too.

Strict laws and and anti-monopoly policies in Pakistan.

NO restriction or laws regarding advert of tea.they are usually family base. Social enviroment factor: Social enviroment factor: In pakistan tea is one thing which is liked by whole despite their age.

but unique thing in twining is that they tries to fullfil costomer needs of differnt age group through differnt flavoyrs.

There is no hard and fast rule concern with rnviroment of pakistan.

climatic factor related to islamabad. Technological factor Technological factors: Twinings will face intense competion due to barrier to entry because of large number of popular brand.
there won't be much effect of latest technology(internet) because majority is living in rural areas.
there is no scheme or policies by government to spending on hightechnology.
Business cant reach to peak because people feel reluctant to get accustom to new flavours. Economical factors Economical factors Inflation leads to greater competition because cant cut down the cost.
High tax rates.
high unemployment.
low labour cost but heavy investment to trained them.
raw material can easily grown in pakistan.
importing tea from from UK for pakistan will be expensive. Marketing Mix For products of twining will be inported inti islamabad.

1. English brekfast: twining best selling blend so far.a strong tea from kenya.
2. Chai: black tea infused with ginger and cinnamon.
3.Green tea: for health concious consuners,
4.Leamon twist: Unique blend currently unexploited in islamabad.Simple drink to relax. Price and packaging 1, English breakfast
Launched in packages of 20 tea bags and box of 100 tea bags.
Price of 100 tea bags are 6 times more than the price of 20 tea bag box.
this is to take advantage of the coustomer mind telling him the difference between the value of 20 tea bags and 100 tea bags. 2. Leamon twist, green tea and chai
Launched in boxes of tea bags.
Quick to cunsume and affordable to purchase.
These flavours do not enjoy the same prestige of english breskfast,
We intend to use them not to make the company mark but to maintain considerable revenue. Value Added Services Complaint service.
Customers suggestion for improvement,
Effective packages.
Different gift scheme on occasions. Life Cycle Management Life cycle of English breakfast is as follow:
1. INTRODUCTION : promote product.
2. GROWTH : maintain position.
3. MATURITY : revise plan to maintain sales.
4. DECLINE : plan to stop the life cycle from decline stage through extension strategies.

For Chia.Leamon twist and green tea:
1. INTRODUCTION : promote the product as a need rather than want to create a stable consumer base.
2. GROWTH : advertise product to emphasize on functional value to attract customer.
3. MATURITY: maintain sale by promotion strategy.
4. DECLINE : just as the product sees falling sales and is found in decline stage we propose to change it through new falvours. While each of these teas has different flavors, they all have one common characteristic – healthy ingredients. None of these teas effects health in a negative way. Prices:English Breakfast : PKR 220 for the 20 Tea Bag box and PKR 1320 for the 100 Tea Bad box. chai, Green Tea and Lemon Twist: PKR 220 for the 20 Tea Bag box. Advertising and promotion ATL(above the line) Billboards and banners.no use of advertising.
Niche target marketing.
High cost of T.V comercial. BTL(BELOW THE LINE) Direct communication with customer.
Rely on making our sales personnel available at retail stores for guidance and persuasion. In addition to above: 1. Sales promotion:
Only on special occasions(Eid christmas).
maintains our product premimum price.
our promotion includes:
1.free gifts.
2.lucky draws and prizes.depends how much is being spend on our product. 2. Public relation:
premium quality brand ,to maintain this we limits our promotion.
Our sponsership are fully opened towards:
i- sponsers art exibition.
ii- Funding/ contribution to charity drives to help protect our enviroment. GUERILLA MARKETING We will start it according to the need of change VIRTUAL MARKETING Plan to run facebook page.
Allows us to update costomer sitting home about our product.
It is best way to involve then directly in our activity and study their response. MARKETING MIX (Place and distribution) The channel of distribution is as follows:
we import tea from the UK, sell it to our wholseller and retailer.
we use a complex supply chain.
Our target market is the upper midddle class.
we spend on experimenting new blends of our tea.
we consider health an important aspects. Market is located in sector f6 ,f11 and I8,I-11.to get this we follow different strategy.
Deal with wholseller who have experience in category to such products as ours.
use specific retailer.
Distributes in departmental and convenience stores.
Aim to get our product only at central market(sectors)
we also target the small market (sector f-6 ,f-11) because of majority costomers.
Chose market nearby to the resedential areas will be convineint for costomer.
selective distribution tactic.
administrative Vertical Marketing System.
Strong relation with wholseller and other stakeholder.
no negociation on price except the share of our wholseller and retailer.
Training program for retailer´s employee.
our belief to coordinate with our partner will spare us the managment conflicts,which may arise.
for retailer shelves for our product we emphasize on exclusive dealing (block competetors). TARGET MARKET & POSITIONING STRATEGY We target working with different flavour.
our potential consumers belong to the social and conscious type. Demogaphic , personality and lifestyle Young adults between the age of 18-30 or full nester with children.
The young participants of this group are sociable and open to meeting new people.
Older member tend to be more concernd about their health.
Twining is open for all active and social people or even conservative and having concerns of family. Benefits by twining tea: FOR SOCAIL CLASS.
chance to experiment.
Maintain healthy lifestyle.

Gives oppurtunities
maintains health for family. POSITIONING attribute positioning -natural tea from best plants around the world.

premimum positioning- best quality and high price . COLLABORATORS producer---- distributer------ Retailer------Consumer

We have pakistan cargo service (pvt)ltd and Ghouri logistics for getting our products from Karachi to Isamabad . Main reasons for choosing them are:

1. They have experience
2. They have international coverage.
3. They are considered as best companies. ARN foods is our distribution because:
It doesn´t hold many competitors.
As they are a new business, they will be expected to perform better.

Benefits to retailers:
we pay for a well decorated stall alloted specifically for our product.
The top 2 shops which sell the most twining get a dozen free boxes FIVE FORCES MODEL DIRECT COMPETITION -Lipton
-Ahmed tea UK Grey market INDIRECT COMPETITION -Tapal
-Brook band. PRODUCT SUBSTITUTES -Hot drink (oveltine, horlicks,nesquick)

-Coffee(maxvell ,nescafe) SERVICE SUBSTITUTE Twining tea does not face competition from any counterfiets or private label product. -chai khana (biggest threat)
-gloria jean and mocca coffee. ADVANTAGE Direct competition Indirect competition Product substitute Service substitute Product Presented By:Atruba ZafarAyesha MunirMohammad UsmanMoiz KhalidKhushbakht AhmedSaud ImranShahid MehmoodUmair Sajjad
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