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Mystic Horse (U3W4)


Tanji Coats

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of Mystic Horse (U3W4)

sores If someone has sores on her body, she has places on her skin that are broken and painful. If someone has sores, on her body, she has places on her skin that are broken and painful. We cleaned the sore and put a band-aid on it. What types of things might cause sores? loosened If you loosened something you made it less tight. Dad loosened his tie when he left work. What kinds of things can be loosened? mysterious If something is mysterious, it is hard to explain. What is an antonym for mysterious? The woods seemed dark and mysterious in the moonlight. amazement When something creates amazement, it causes surprise and wonder. We stared in amazement at the acrobats far above us. Tell about a time when something caused you to feel amazement. midst If you are in the midst of something, you are in the middle of it. In the middle of our social studies lesson, the fire drill began. What is a synonym for midst? responsibility having a job or
duty to perform Cleaning the table after supper is my responsibility. How is a responsibility similar to and different from a job? patchwork things that are made of patchwork are made of small pieces of fabric The patchwork quilt was handed down in Maya's family. What other things besides fabric can be used to make patchwork? If you loosened something, you made it less tight.
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