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kai Batwinski

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of compromise

The Compromise of 2010 Main Republican beleifs:
Immagration in our country is a pressing matter these days with health care being such a controvercial issue.
Secure the border
More effective enforcement
Smarter enforcement at the workplace
Keep jobs avialable to Americans
Must make employers not hire illegal immargrants.
Stop people whosmuggle these people in
Democrat(liberal) point of view: Additional protection
Stop Crime
Crackdown on employers
Work with mexico
Strengthen border patrol
Bring poeple out of the shadows The Compromise Both parties have many veiws on the subject of illegal immagration and many of which are very alike. But, the fact in which they would move about towards the issue are different.
But, to settle these a few main points should be able to mend the bonds between the two rival parties.
Additional protection along border states.
We must work with employers to ensure they do not hire the illegals.
Suppy the men and women with the proper equipment to do a sufficient job.
Stop crime. What that means is to stop the people that are smuggling these illegal aliens into our country.
Work with mexico. In this pahse we must work with the mexican government to stop these people from illeglaly crossing our borders by by adding security and also securing the economic isssue that Mexico is enduring so that they dont have a reason to cross the border loooking for work.
Keep jobs open for American employees. If farmers and buisnesses are hiring these people then we have a higher unemployment rate which raises the amount of people on wellfare. Which is leaving the tax payer to pay for their unemployment and put our country in greater debt.
Bring poeple out of the shadows. This requires us to find the illeglas that are hiding and find and punsish the people who hide them.
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