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So Shakespeare!

No description

Katelyn Reed

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of So Shakespeare!

A Brief Biography
of William Shakespeare Born in Stratford, England on April 23, 1564 Christened on April 26th, 1564 Father was a glove maker Attended grammar school as a young boy Learned mostly about Latin grammar Early Life Introduced to drama when a group of traveling players visited Stratford. Married Anne Hathaway in November of 1582 Their first child, Susanna, was born in May 1583 Welcomed twins, Hamnet and Judith, two years later Life in London Shakespeare soon departed for London The fact that Anne didn't accompany William suggests she was a Puritan Puritans believe that the stage and its actors corrupted people's morals Puritanism eventually became so strong in London that the theaters were closed Queen Elizabeth enjoyed and sponsored play going during Shakespeare's time Setting the Stage By 1592, Shakespeare was an established actor His financial success came from his share of the gate (admissions) His early literary successes were with narrative poems dedicated to his wealthy patron A plague epidimic temporarily closed the theatres, but they reopened in 1594 Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616 and was buried on April 26, 1616 Death and Legacy He tried to leave his property intact for a male heir, but his daughters never had one Two of Shakespeare's friends worked to collect and publish all of his plays following his death He acquired a great deal of property in Stratford, including New Place, where he eventually retired.
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