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Consciously Observed

A Psychology Experiment

Angela Nelson

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Consciously Observed

A Psychology Experiment Consciously Observed Angela M Nelson Initial Observation People's behaviors seem to change when they know that they are being watched by another Question Do people act differently when they know they are being observed? Background "Our findings suggest that people are less likely to be selfish if they feel they are being watched, which has huge implications for real life." ~Dr. Bateson, Newcastle University "Humans, as experimental subjects, do attempt to learn about the experiment, and they modify their behavior based on what they learn. For one thing, if the person running the experiment is liked by the subjects, they will often try to figure out what result he wants, and act to bring it about." ~Gene Callahan, Economics For Real People 'If one is conscious of an observer, said person will act in a way that they believe to be "right" by the observers standards.'

'If the subject(s) are aware of an observer, the subject(s) will try to change their normal unobserved action to conform to what they believe to be that which the observer is trying to achieve.' Hypotheses English Objective The Experiment Introduction Location This experiment was recorded at the four way stop intersection of Shale Lane and Rahn Road in Eagan, Minnesota Conscious Unconscious Purpose The purpose of the location was to observe the stopping cars and record their actions when they knew they were being observed and also when they didn't know Collecting the Data Interpretation Of Data 50% more likely to make full stops 49% less likely to make rolling stops
1% less likely to not stop. When being observed... Errors Presences of authority Traffic Mistaken for pedestrian Unintentional Observations Police car caused people to make full stops although police made rolling stop People that were intrigued would ask the assistant what we were doing People would smile and wave more often Inability to determine cars stopping due to obstruction of vision Further Further and more thorough studies could be made by observing people in more personal and natural settings.

For instance, one may record a groups conversation when they think they are in private and then join the group to see how the conversation may change.

This method, however, may seem unethical to some... Studies Conclusion The recorded behaviors from this experiment has show that people's behaviors do tend to change when they know they are being observed by another People will question the presence of the observer and will guess what it is the observer wishes to observe Sources (2002). In G. Callahan, Economics for Real People (p. 352). Auburn: Ludwig von Mises Institute. University, N. (2006, Jume 29). How people behave differently when they are being watched. Retrieved September 3, 2012, from RxPG: http://www.rxpgnews.com/behaviouralscience/How_people_behave_differently_when_they_are_being__4575_4575.shtml The End
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