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Direct and Indirect Characterization

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Linnea Lerch

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Direct and Indirect Characterization


The process by which a writer reveals the personality (
Character Traits
) of a character

In other words, the ways a writer brings a character to life


Direct Characterization:
The reader/audience is TOLD the personality of a character.
Ex: Eddie was talkative and curious about what loins are and where they are located.
Explanation: The author is directly TELLING the audience the personality of Eddie - he is “talkative” and “curious.”
Indirect Characterization:
The reader/audience is SHOWN things that reveal the personality of a character.
There are

5 different types of
1. Speech
2. Thoughts
3. Other Characters'
Thoughts, Actions, Reactions
4. Actions
5. Looks
What does the character do?
How does the character behave?
Watch this clip from Billy Madison and think about the ACTIONS of Billy and what this SHOWS about his personality.
Billy's ACTION was pretending to pee his pants when he saw his friend, Ernie, had peed his pants. What does this show about Billy’s personality?
What is revealed through the character’s private
thoughts and feelings?
Watch the clip from Zombieland. What does Columbus's thoughts SHOW about his personality?
What do we find out about the personality of Columbus through his thoughts, that we might not have know otherwise?
What does the character say?

How does the character speak to other characters?
Watch the clip from Finding Nemo. How does what Marlin SAYS to Nemo reflect his personality?
Based on this scene where Marlin is speaking to Nemo, what do we learn about Marlin’s personality just based on what he SAYS?
What do other characters say about that character?

How do other characters feel or behave
toward the character?
Watch the clip from Brave. How does what Merida's mother and father SAY about her, SHOW Merida's personality?
What is revealed about Merida's personality during the discussion by her parents?
What does the character look like?

How does the character dress?

How does what the character wears
influence their personality?
What does Buddy's appearance SHOW about his personality (other than he is an elf)?
These are words we use to describe a person, such as: helpful, lonely, successful, tired, loyal, and happy.

Character traits are what gives someone a personality.

Character Traits = Personality
There are 2 types of
Remember The Difference!

Indirect characterizations are like clues about the characters. There is no mystery with direct characterization because the author gives us the information we need to know!
Direct VS. Indirect
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